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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Agility (2/1)

My plan worked well for Gimme today.  We walked much earlier in the day so she had hours to come home and reconnect with baby before we had to leave for agility class.  I also gave her the supplements before leaving for class, which is a bit earlier than usual.  

And I'd already moved the bag of peanut butter cookies to the car, so had them available to use in class.  Blynn apparently didn't realize I meant to use people peanut butter cookies, since she started to tell me about a sale on dog peanut butter cookies.  Had to explain to her that Gimme really prefers the ones from Target.  BTW note to self: break cookies up before class, so you don't leave crumbs on course.

Anyway, Gimme did much better with focus tonight.  In fact she did very well with almost everything.  We only had two issues.

One was that she just didn't think she could jump through the tire jump going toward the wall, while having no problem going the other way.  The horse arena we had trained in was so roomy, I'm sure she's never experience the visual of having the wall seem so close.  She had plenty of room - I just don't think she was convinced there was enough.  That's fine - I'd rather she work through it in class than in a trial some day.

The other thing tonight was a real resistance to weaving.  The only time she got it right was when I finally slowed her waaaaay down.  It occurred to me that she hasn't had a bodywork session in quite awhile, so will try to schedule that before next Thursday's class.  She has a warm spot on her back; not hot, just warm.  Still for our second session, I opted to start her after the weaves.  I'd rather not risk a poor association if its uncomfortable for her.

Also, I've decided to ignore baby.  I'd been moving it and while I wasn't hiding it or putting it away, and was leaving it in plain sight... I think Gimme remembered where she left it and was bothered when it wasn't exactly where she left it in the middle of the floor or wherever.  My theory is by moving it, I was increasing her focus on it.  Perhaps if I ignore it, then it will fade in importance.  

Tonight she came home, checked on where she'd left baby on the couch, then moved it to the office.  She's curled up in the cocoon under the desk, while baby is on the floor.  Hopefully she is getting closer to weaning the kid...

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