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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Walking in the Snow

Yesterday, Gimme, Linda and me went walking on Fort Lewis.  There was a tiny bit of snow.

Here a picture Linda took of Gimme posing...  She's very consistent... the minute she sees a camera, she stops and poses.

Later that day, it started snowing to beat the band.  Woke up this morning to about 5 inches of it.  Here are some pictures I took.

Gimme cavorting in the snow in our yard...  She was too busy cavorting to stand still and pose doncha know...

My side yard, snow on the tunnels.

I thought it interesting to see a snow ball formed on top of the fence post.  Also, here is the water dish - a frozen block of ice inside and cute little snow ruffle on top.

About 2pm its supposed to start raining, its already warming up and the snow is melting.  Then we will head out to Yelm to meet Susan for some nosework practice in her garage.  If its as warm as its supposed to be, we may also take time to watch her nosework video from Leerburg.  They have some interesting training practices.

I've also been taking the Advanced Nosework class from the Fenzi online dog training academy.  In some ways its been disappointing.  In other ways I am learning interesting stuff.  Not sure I'd recommend it to someone who didn't already have a good idea of what they are doing, but it has value for someone who is more experienced.

We are looking forward to getting with Tonya tomorrow afternoon.  After our walk I noticed the hot area in her back had returned.  I did some energy work on it and got some improvement, but I think it was still uncomfortable - hence the crabbiness last night. 


Ximena said...

I didn't get much from the Leerburg video. It's long and repetitive and very much exactly the same (but different only in the fact that he teaches pattern-searching, which I hate) as NACSW methods.

I'm also auditing the Advanced NW class from FenziAcademy. I've audited every NW class they've offered - I like it just as a way to focus on search scenarios that I often overlook. I also like the method Simek uses to teach odor obedience.

A to Z Dals said...

That's interesting. I thought there was a LOT of differences between the Leerburg and NACSW approaches. I agree that I don't especially want to do/teach pattern searching, but I found the approach a good idea for dogs with environmental sensitivities.

I do like Simek's foundation games and how they teach odor obedience.... but I also see a lot of things that she is missing. There are a number of things with her students that she should be working on (pawing indicator, picking up odor and biting handler) and yet she doesn't really address it. She may not agree with the NACSW take on those things, but any students who will be trialing with that organization should be getting more help on issues that will earn them faults.