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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Agility (1/4)

Gimme was fabulous tonight.  Can't wait to get the video's and share them. 

For our first session, I was determined to work my CU plan and be prepared to do Give Me A Break game if she disconnected.  It took a few tries to get in the door before she could go through and reorient to me.  I was thinking on the way home, because there are people sitting on both sides of the door within leash range and she's so very people-social, its a very difficult challenge for her.  Next week I want to try having her do some "whazzat" through the open door before we try to do the reorient between them. 

Anyway after the doorway gauntlet, we made it walking nice and controlled to the start.  I set  her up and released her to the first jump and then she ran amuck.  I went immediately into GMAB mode and finally ended up sitting with the people at the side.  At one point she came up and gave me hit-and-run attention.  Then when she was ready she was back and really insisted on playing together.  From then on she was great.  We worked through some tough spots and she just kept working and working and working.  It was beyond great. 

It makes a huge difference to Gimme for there to not be any conflict and then when I have her attention voluntarily, I have all of it and for an extended time. I think it is about meeting her needs.  There was a time when this wasn't necessary, but when you consider all the upheaval and uncertainty emanating from me in the last 2.5 months - it makes sense.  So, I believe this is a phase which will pass.  Time, of course, will tell.

Of course, I was expecting her to be even better for our second session - after all she's always better the second time.  I'd like to say the reason she wasn't is because it is so hard to improve on perfection....  Gimme was trying, but really couldn't stay focused.  I worked some GMAB and we were able to end on a nice successful sequence.  Blynn complimented my patience and my timing at ending on such a good sequence.

When I got her outside she didn't want to go to the car.  While it didn't happen instantly, she did have a nice long pee.  She had gone before we went in, but I guess she needed to go again and didn't want to go inside.  She tried to work, but it was still enough of a need to distract her.  She really does try to be a good girl...

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