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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hectic Day

We have a big weekend planned.  Two days of barn hunt (four trials) and then a one day working slot at a nosework seminar with Penny Scott-Fox.  I first learned about what a wonder she is at explaining handling and trialing strategy when she was the Certifying Official at a trial we went to in Oregon.  I learned more from ten minutes of her talking than I had in two years with my old instructor.  So getting a working slot in this seminar is just the best.

Naturally on Tuesday a warning light came on in my car and the car was running very rough.  There have been some other minor issues before, but nothing that warranted immediate attention.  I drove straight to see my car guy and we made arrangements for me to bring the car in late in the day yesterday - so they could start it cold and hopefully replicate one of the things I'd noticed and wanted checked.

Fortunately I got all my accounts done, so I could take today off.  I got the word after lunch of what all was wrong, including one serious thing that wasn't on my radar.  The bill for the stuff that needs to be fixed real soon is $1100 and then there is another $1000 that can be put off.  Not good, but it is what it is.

The worse part was knowing I wouldn't be able to get the car back before the weekend.  So I was in a serious hunt for some vehicle I could use. 
  • I checked with all the car rentals in the area and none of them had a vehicle that would accommodate my needs.  One of them would get in several late afternoon tomorrow, but didn't know what the cars would be.  The only vehicle I found that would have worked was going to cost twice as much as all the other expenses for the weekend.  
  • I only have one friend with a second car that isn't used on a daily basis (two cars, one driver), but I couldn't get ahold of her.
  • My mother has a enormous gas guzzling Ford, with what we thought was a dead battery.  Plus its an hour away, so there are the logistics of getting there to get it (and later return it), if my nephew could get it running.
Clearly none of those were promising and I was so disappointed to think we'd miss out on all the fun on our weekend calendar.  I called the shop and asked if there was any way they could do enough work on the car tomorrow to make it safe for me to use over the weekend.  The owner wasn't in and had written "FULL" in big red letters across the rest of the schedule for this week, so the other front desk person couldn't give me an answer.

Later when I was about to abandon all hope, they called to say they would be able to fit in enough time to replace the worn and ready to freeze up synchronizer (which could easily leave me stranded and maybe cause other damage), and would replace my spark plugs so it would run better for the trip.  Bryan is pulling the front desk guy off the desk and he'll be working on my car.  I have to bring it in for a full day next week to finish up.  These guys are the best.  I love BRYAN'S AUTOMOTIVE in Olympia.  They never let me down.

In any case, between all that stress and the other housekeeping and projects I did today (a full page list that only has 4 things left on it) - I'm exhausted, just wrung out.  Meanwhile Gimme is plopping down here, there and everywhere, with these huge theatrical sighs.  She can't understand why I'm so tired when she hasn't done a thing all day and is bored to tears...

So, I don't wish this on anyone.  But do wish that you'll cross your fingers for success at the barn hunt and that I learn a lot at the nosework seminar.  Who knows, maybe I can even learn to say "finish" in a timely manner...

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