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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nosework (1/5)

Here are the videos from class this week.  I noticed Gimme wasn't as perky as she normally is.  I found out later her back/hips are still hurting, so she is getting another treatment tomorrow.

The first search was an interior with one hide.  The hide is under the seat on a stool right next to the big black chair (left foreground against the wall).  On the other side of the stool is a baby gate flat on the floor, to add to the puzzle for access.  When I found out where the hide was, I was surprised Gimme didn't just push right in there.  Of course hindsight knowing she's still experiencing discomfort, it makes perfect sense.  She wasn't at all bothered by the man walking through the search area.  She does spend a lot of time checking other stuff, which could be pooling odor due to the overhead fans.  Because of the access issue, this is considered an NW2 level hide.  She sucked me in on the folding chair - or maybe I sucked me in, because she didn't do a real indication there.  I just called it because she went so far under it with her head and the search seemed to be taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  You'll note she finally decides where it is, but still doesn't commit to telling me its there - I waited for a strong alert. It was a long search, but I see value in letting her figure it out and decide to really insist this is it.

Clearly she got all warmed up on the interior, because she nailed the container hide in 12 seconds!

The warm up stuck with her and Gimme nailed this vehicle hide in 10 seconds!

Gimme actually left the designated search area here, but I let her.  I've learned to let her chase odor in the way she wants to.  Good idea, since she nails this - again in 10 seconds!

Gimme found the threshold hide very quickly - 9 seconds.  This was totally on her, since I didn't actually stand in the door so she'd come back to check the threshold like I usually do.  Clearly she detected it from the startline.  Having the garage door open makes the search a different challenge.  Letting her sort it out on her own the first time around worked well, since she found it in less than half the time the second time.  It took just 1:30 between the first and second hides, compared to 3:30 to find just the one during the first search.

She found the first hide on the vehicle even faster this time - just 6 seconds!  Gimme normally isn't hesitant to go in tight spaces, so I chalk this up to her discomfort again.  Once I lead her in, she goes right in and finds the second hide in just 30 seconds.  

Clearly I don't want her to be in pain or uncomfortable.  Still its nice to know she will work through it if the work doesn't make the discomfort worse (comparing her response to nosework vs response to agility).  She loves work and so will always try.  On the other hand, she's smart enough to not beat up her body for it.  

Tomorrow she gets a treatment and I surely hope it will resolve this for her. 

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