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Thursday, April 2, 2015

False Preggers be Gone!

Anyone who has followed our journey knows Gimme's false pregnancies have been a real issue for us.  The easy answer is spaying, except this is contraindicated because of Gimme's reactivity issues. All her life we have struggled between the two.  We'd make good progress on the reactivity, only to come into another false pregnancy and lose all the ground we'd made.  To complicate things, the false pregnancies kept getting worse with each repeat.  

I've tried many things and it seems we have finally hit on a cocktail of different supports and for once, even though she should have started by now - all seems normal.  She started to get woofy last week and I double-checked (using kinesiology) to see how I needed to adjust her supplements/etc.  One interesting thing was how her body said "no" to all the homeopathic remedies, even though we've relied on them before.  One day after the changes Gimme was back to normal - she'd hear a noise, consider it with an alert expression, then go on to ignore it.  Two days ago she started playing with two small white toys and I thought sure one was about to become her psuedo baby.  However, despite a bit more toy interest than usual, it hasn't happened.

The current group of support care (all twice a day) is:
~  Evening Primrose Oil -- 1000mg
SPI: Simplex F -- 2 capsules
MareMagic -- 1 scoop
Egg -- 1 raw
Flower Essence remedy for false pregnancy -- 2mm
Serenity Now -- 1 tablet

Some of these are given year round and some start as needed.  Details to follow...

Evening Primrose Oil - she's been getting 1000mg per day for a long time.  I check frequently to see if her body still wants it, and so far the answer has been yes.

Last year we saw a reproduction veterinary and she recommended the Standard Process Inc. whole food supplement Simplex F.   She said Gimme should start getting it daily when her season starts.  Last time around it didn't seem to make a big difference, though I thought I saw some improvement.  This time her body definitely wants it.

Our holistic person recommended MareMagic, dried raspberry leaves from Italy.  We started this last year just as she went into the false pregnancy.  We clearly got some improvement, but it wasn't the whole deal.  Her body continued to want it after the false pregnancy ended, so I kept her on a maintenance dose.  I did notice her season while on the maintenance dose was light and short (another dog who is taking it for false pregnancy also had a light/short season).  I suspect if someone wanted to breed their girl, they should stop the MareMagic well before the season.

The eggs are something I added after the Anders Hallgren seminar.  He says it contains a lot of tryptophan, which is a stress fighter, and all dogs with issues are under stress.  I started this just after the seminar and I did think I noticed Gimme was more resilient.

Flower Essence remedy for false pregnancy is something Tonya makes up for Gimme.  Last time we needed to do this 3 or 4 times a day to get effective results. Right now we're at twice a day and doing well.

Serenity Now is a chicken flavored tablet containing: thiamine, colostrum and l-theanine.  Gimme loves these and thinks they are treats.  Candy discovered them at a dog show and we've noticed improvement with them. 

None of them do the trick on their own, but right now this combination really seems to be working.  Right now Gimme is doing so well, I keep pinching myself.  Of course its still a trifle early.  Do cross any body parts you can spare.

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