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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nosework (3/15)

This class was all about tormenting Gimme.  I'm sure it wasn't directly aimed at her, but it did turn out to be THE hardest distraction she's ever faced in nosework. 

Basically the whole area was filled with stuff, lots and lots of stuff.  While spectating, we sat in the line of chairs against the left wall. There was another line of chairs stretched down the middle of the room.  There were more chairs, lots of boxes (white rectangles), some luggage (brown rectangles), the red cart with wheels, a clothing rack (grey box) and some plastic tubs (round). The most tormenting thing and a major distraction for Miss Gimme was the five stuffed toys close to the start line (multicolor).

For our first and second searches there were three (then five) paired hides in boxes.  Gimme got sucked in by the toys and wasn't really working.  She'd place her mouth over a toy, not pick it up, but unable to leave it initially.  I encouraged her to move along and finally got her near boxes with odor.  Between boxes she ran down to check the toys again.  Once she found the second and third hides, then she was able to ignore the toys more.

When it became clear to her we'd found all the hides and I was about to put her on leash, then she ran to one of the toys, picked  it up and brought it to me.  Clearly she thought it should be her prize for doing well.  She was disappointed when I insisted we leave it behind.  I thought it was very interesting she seemed to know she wasn't supposed to play with the toys while her search was going on (even if she couldn't leave it easily) and waited to pick one up until she knew we were done.

For our third search we were given 6 minutes and they were basically doing "running bunny" hides in the interior.  As the dog found a hide, they set another hide and then removed the one the dog found.  We started with three hides and at most had five out at one time.  The line of chairs down the middle of the room proved an interesting barrier for the dogs getting to the hide on the stool toward the left of the wall. It wasn't a barrier, but the dogs didn't seem to think they could go through it, until the handler did so. 

Gimme did well, finding 7 out of 8 hides.  The challenge for her was the toys - naturally.  In the prior searches, once she got through the toys it was easier to work.  In this case, she was a little less distracted by the toys and didn't go to them as often.  But I could tell when she was working a hide near the toys, her attention was divided. I'm sure she would have gotten the 8th hide, but we ran out of time.  I'm sure she had a headache by the time she was done -- this was very hard work for a little girl, eh.

Gimme has tons of toys.  We have four large baskets of toys (I rotate them when she gets a little bored).  There are easily 25 toys per basket.  Then there is my secret stash of toys she hasn't seen yet.  I buy toys I know she will like when I see them on sale - just so we don't run out when the Great Toy Shortage, doncha know.  Anyway, not sure why she thinks she needs more toys.  In any case, Silly Girl Gimme slept soundly for the rest of the evening...

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