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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nosework (2/18)

Class tonight actually followed the pattern I suggested last week and guess what - the dogs improved each time they came in the search area, regardless of whether they were or were not on leash.  Hmmmm.

Interior search 1 video  Again they'd set up a chaotic search area.  The first search was four hides, three minutes and on leash. Gimme only found 3 of the 4 hides in 3:00.  She was working well throughout, but I had the sense she wasn't completely focused.  The second time she went to the crate with the dog bed in it, I really got stuck and just sold her on it, so the false alert was my fault.  If I had kept moving, I don't think that would have happened.

Interesting note, Gimme was the first dog (she was the third to search) to show any real interest in the crate.  After she did, the others all became fascinated by it.  In the second search the two dogs who'd been before her during the first search were suddenly interested in the crate.  Gimme doesn't really pay much attention to it in later searches and not at all during the last search.  The other dogs all checked it for every search for the rest of class once Gimme did.  She's a real trend setter, doncha know...

Interior search 2 video  The second search was the same hide locations and again on leash.  As handlers we were supposed to organize our search and try to shave 30 seconds off our time.  Gimme very briefly checked the crate and dismissed it right away.  I'm not sure why it took her so long to sort out where the metal chair hide was, but it did seem to be a challenge.  In the prior search we never got to the front part of the room where the broom hide was.  This time we got all four hides in 2:35. 

Interior search 3 video  The third search, the hides were moved and the dogs got to go off leash.  Gimme did a good job and was very on task.  She paid no attention to the crate this time.  Found all four hides in 2:25.

Interior search 4 video  For the fourth search, the hides were in the same place and we went back on leash.  Gimme found all the hides in 1:31, which is a big improvement.  For this search she was very calm and focused.  She never even looked at the crate this time.  

We went for a 5 mile walk this morning.  Now Gimme has been snoozing contentedly ever since we got home.  I'm going to join her on the couch now.

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