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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Parkour (3/2)

We started class warming the dogs up on "hands" on different props.  Gimme sometimes forgets to actually listen to me and so gives me a "table" instead.  Clearly we don't have these two on stimulus control yet.

We each got to do the swing platform a couple of times.  The swing platform is a board suspended in a metal framework, with a chain at each corner.  It wobbles quite a bit.  Here is a video of one of Gimme's turns: Swing platform video  Her preference is to go as fast as possible, so my goal, as with everything is to slow her down.

Our next exercise was to do "tunnel" with a makeshift tunnel made out of a bench or benches.  I used the peanut butter go toob to keep Gimme focused, since there were dogs nearby.  She was able to apply the "tunnel" she learned in agility to these odd things.  Our second turn she was supposed to do "hands" then "tunnel" and you'll see she gives me a "table" instead.  She did fine with the turns and was well focused on me (actually the peanut butter) throughout.  What you don't see is the little dog - the owner was sitting about 8' away, but she wasn't very good about watching her dog, so sometimes it was only about 4' away.  Bench tunnel composite video

Our next exercise was a little course of different things.  It started with the bench tunnel and then we were to have them weave through the uprights of the PVC ladder on its side.  I used the "poles" cue we had in agility and Gimme did well with this, even though the spacing between the poles was much tighter than the 24" she expected.  She does "box" twice then "hands" on a tub on its side, so it has a lot of movement.  I've cut out a segment which was outside the camera view where Gimme was supposed to go around a large cone.  Then we did "box" in a shallow dish, "table" on a small table, then "hands" on a milk crate (which turned into a "table").  Sequence video

The segment cut out is when I discovered Gimme has completely lost her "cane" behavior.  I've since learned she lost "orbit" as well.  Both are behaviors where she circles a prop CCW and CW.  She knew this very well and I can only think it disappeared from memory following her last seizure.  Its kinda scary to think something she knew could vanish in an instant.  Its not like the other behaviors which seem to come back after I lure them a couple of times.  These behaviors I've had to start retraining from the beginning and its been slow going so far, with no sign she remembers them at all.

From there we went on to practice some Tic-tacs.  I think Gimme is really going to like this, because its such an active behavior.  I do have to remember to take her on at an angle, so she hits the board and springs off.  We did discover if I just tap with my foot or fake a step, she moves much faster and pushes off better, likely because I'm already moving away.  Tic-tacs video

Unfortunately it looks like we may not continue class after this session ends.  I've already missed one class last session and will miss next Sunday, both for tracking seminars.  I have two more tracking weekends this summer.  I also am on a waitlist for an NW3 trial and I want to get back to back into doing some barn hunt very soon.  Since the class is on Sunday and all the seminars and trials will be on weekends, I will miss a lot of classes, as many as every other week when I get back to barn hunts.  I'd hoped the owner would be amenable to some system of crediting forward, but she is not and the only other day they have the classes is a work day for me.  I can't work and get there on time and can hardly take a day off work to attend make up classes.  I have emailed the instructor to see if she'd consider a once a month private lesson.  If that pans out, then it would be a good solution.  

Otherwise I don't see me paying for classes when I can only attend half the time.  Its really too bad, since Gimme clearly loves them.  <sigh>

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