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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Parkour (4/3)

Since last week when we did the balance board against the wall, where Gimme had to tuck her butt to turn, I've had her do our 6" board a couple of times.  She's dropped the pivot/hop turn she was doing.  Just the one session against the wall and she is now tucking her butt and doing the turn (the cue will be "flip").  She's a very smart cookie.

Jo had some other obligation, so Diane was our substitute instructor.  Class was a bit challenging for Gimme because all three dogs were there.  Plus, with the way the course was set, we all spectated from the end of the room where we had our station set up.  Thus the last half of class was closer proximity than Gimme is completely comfortable with.  Still she handled it well and I was proud of her.

We started class with individual warm up.  I tend to focus more on warming up Gimme's brain, to get her thinking and responding to cues.  From there we did a session on the sway bridge, which I didn't get video for.  Gimme was very good.  I had her sit and down on the sway bridge, which is pretty challenging and for which she gets paid very well.

Sway platform video - This is Gimme's least favorite obstacle, so she gets lots of treats to make this the best place ever.  It got to where she didn't want to leave the platform.  At one point you'll see I get her off the platform and she immediately wants to go back on.

Crawl trainer video - Gimme likes the crawl trainer and is really good at scooting through it.  Too bad you can't see it better on the video.  She is awesome.  Later when we are doing it in course work, I used the peanut butter go toob, since she's headed toward other dogs and I want to make sure her mind is on getting back to me and getting paid.

We did several sequences and Gimme did well on all of them.  Sequence 1 video  She started by walking through the ladder (out of view), then forgot to listen to what I wanted her to do with the bench.  From there to the end she did well.  After the crawl trainer and before the flaps-thru, there is a cone she had to go out around.  Sequence 2 video  She did a nice job on this sequence and was very focused.  After we finished everyone was commenting about her speed-ladder (out of view).  She trotted through it very quickly. Sequence 3 video  She did equally well on this third sequence.  We have an egg-ball of our own and she's been on it many times, so she made an assumption about getting 4-on, when I asked for "hands".  I often have to remind her to use her listening ears.

Gimme continues to really enjoy parkour and is making steady progress.  I'm also loving the opportunity to work when other dogs are around, in a controlled environment.  She always sleeps contentedly most of the way home.

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