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Saturday, July 23, 2016

RFE practice (22)

On Thursday I didn't have anyone to do tracking with and wanted to participate in the MDSA workshop, so I stopped by Pawsabilities for an extra practice.  Ended up having a long discussion with the owners about the upcoming plans for me to teach Parkour there.  They asked me to write a paragraph about Parkour so they can use it in promoting the class.  Here's what I came up with:
Parkour is a fun activity where dogs learn to move through their world exploring and overcoming obstacles. They jump, climb, run on, rebound against, and go around and under things found naturally in their everyday world. In class you will teach your dog these skills on objects that gradually introduce the behaviors, learning safely and at your dog’s own pace.  Dog Parkour is low impact and challenging, and increases confidence while overcoming doubts and concerns.  Any dog can do Parkour because skills are based on each dog’s size & proportions.  There are no competitions, but you can earn titles by video.  Creativity and imagination is all you need to have fun with Dog Parkour anywhere you can take your dog.
I think I outdid myself.  ☺  Now I need to make a video they can link to, so I'm reviewing all my video's for clips I could include.  Meanwhile I'm also looking for clips I could submit for our novice Parkour title.  Might as well, since it saves me time scouting around for suitable locations and having to make other videos.

Session 1 video - Sorry about the places where I went out of the camera f.o.v.  Gimme did pretty good during this session.  If she seems to be having trouble focusing, she was.  They are remodeling the offices and the door to the training space was open.  I closed it before going to get Gimme and right as we started a MAN came out and was kneeling in the door! (behind the camera location)  He was there for half the session.  Gimme loooooooves men, so this was the ultimate distraction.  We did our best to work through it, but there were times her eyes were about to pop out of her head.  When I took the leash off, he'd just left, closing the door.  The segment at 5:00 for about 35 seconds is the MDSA workshop assignment to make a path forming an "M" on the floor.  I spent some time in this session working on tightening her 180º turns and circles around me.  We also worked on finding "center", simultaneous spins and finding "under". 

Session 2 video - I reset the signs to give me an idea of where to work to stay in the camera f.o.v.  We started this session practicing some up-touches.  Gimme is getting more enthusiastic about them.  During this session, the man came back and was working on a ladder - so still a lot of distraction (for me too).  She learned a CCW pivot on the brick when she was still young, so it makes sense the center-front-pivot is better in CCW direction.  We practiced a few other behaviors she knows well, but which could use tightening up.  We worked on the 180º turns again and they were much better than the first session. 

I'm again really pleased with how Gimme is progressing. And still baffled by her not having a false pregnancy this time.

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