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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nosework (5/19)

Gimme is now fully into her false pregnancy, as of Sunday afternoon.  She's pretty obsessed with the baby and we had to take it along for the ride when we went to nosework class.  I got to class early enough to take Gimme for a long potty walk, however our walk was cut short.  When Linda arrived one of her small terriers made a squeaky-squealing racket and Gimme panicked and had to get back to the baby in the car.  I didn't realize this was going to come back to haunt us in her first search.

Exterior 1 video - We started with a long/narrow exterior search, four hides.  I was slow to remind Dorothy to start recording, so you miss about 10 seconds at the beginning.  The comment was about how Gimme's tail wags so much harder and it hits her sides when she's at odor - this could be a very helpful observation.  The comment about "poop hanging out the back" has to do with a story I told during the pre-search discussion about dogs marking in search areas.  I think if Gimme had finished her walk without getting worried because of Linda's dog, then we wouldn't have had this problem.  In any case, its not something I worry about.

Exterior 2 video - This was a really large search area with four hides.  Because the area was so big I used my 25 foot line.  Gimme went straight to the drain at her right front.  40 seconds into the search (including reward time) and she had the second hide on the wooden block under the trailer hitch.  She was surprised to find a hide right in the middle of the pavement, but not thrown by it.  Two other dogs struggled with this one.  Dorothy voiced a concern thinking I'd have trouble getting her past the drain hide to the other side of the search area, but Gimme knows I almost never pay twice for the same hide, so she only glanced at it as she went right past it.  It took her a bit longer to find the hide on the glass rack, but she did.  Another student mentioned she thought Gimme's tail wagged "higher" when she was smelling other dog smells - which would seem to go with the reactivity.  So - feel free to watch this video several times to see what her tail does - I've watched it three times myself.

Vehicle search video - Our third was a blind search of vehicles, with 0 to 6 hides.  Gimme didn't seem very interested in the two white trucks.  She did put a little more effort into one, but in hindsight I think it was because I kept her there so long.  Poor Dorothy just couldn't keep up with us on the big white trailer, so you miss Gimme's first find.  Then Gimme found a hide on the other trailer hitch, just as soon as we got there.  She kept wanting to go under this trailer, which told me it was likely on the other side.  Usually she takes herself around to the other side, but I think because this was so open, she just thought it might be okay to go under it.  She spent a fair amount of time sourcing this one - which tells me its inaccessible.  There were four hides and none of the dogs got all of them in the time allotted (4 minutes).  Gimme missed the one on the white trailer hitch.  She sniffs it, but doesn't stick or indicate it.

I can't recall if I've mentioned, we got into a Level 2 Vehicle trial in late September.  Wish us luck...

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