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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nosework (6/19) & Parkour (2/4)

Yesterday for nosework class Gimme's mommy brain was much less intense and she declined to take baby Rockette out to the car.  She did well on her searches and enjoyed stomping boxes now and again and again and again. 

Containers 1 video - Our first search was three lines of boxes, with one hide and off leash.  Then we were to move to the end of the room and turn away while they added a box and then search immediately.   After which we again moved away while they added a third box.  Gimme did really well at finding her boxes.  I got a bit spacey at the beginning of the second part, but otherwise we did well. 

Containers 2 video - For the second session, many boxes were removed and the pattern resembled a large "C".  Again it was three searches with 1, 2 and then 3 hides.  This time on leash.  Gimme was a bit faster this time.  I don't know if it was because she was on leash or because it was the second search session.  Still she did well.

Containers 3 video - This time we had an "H" shape, with all three hides out for one search.  I had pretty much planned my search pattern, the blue line, to cover the search area efficiently.  As luck would have it, Gimme "walked" the first hide she came to and I let her, then when she found the second one and I made my turn to search the middle of the "H", it basically re-presented the missed hide.  Then as I turned back to the right upright side of the pattern, she quickly got another hide.

Dorothy thought our turn across the middle was to give her another chance at the hide she walked and especially liked the way I did it right after she found a hide.  I really had in my head to turn right at the end of my pattern and go up the left side again for the missed hide and hadn't thought about the possibility that swinging across to catch the middle boxes would re-present it.  I don't often get called "moderately brilliant", so I shamelessly accepted the praise without divulging why I made the turn there.

Tonight was Parkour class and Gimme again declined to take her baby along, but since its a long time from when we leave until when we get home again (4.5 to 5 hours), I brought Rockette anyway.  Class was outside and the area for the sequences wasn't conducive to recording from a stationary tripod, so no videos.

Despite how well she did last night, Gimme was not present for duty much of tonight.  She started class unable to follow a simple lure.   In order to help her be successful, I had to lure her with her peanut butter go toob the first time around the course.  Of course she was flinging her body every which way - thinking only about the PB and not about what she was doing.  After the first run, I kept the PB in my treat pouch and brought it out only when I wanted to reward her, but by then she knew it would be her reward, so she was able to work better.  At some points she did well and then would pretty much go lost-in-space on me.

On a positive note, the last thing we did was a little practice on the balance beams.  Gimme went back and forth with several "flips" (180º turn).  Then I had her sit aligned on the beam, which was only 5½ inches wide.  Its hard since her butt is wider and it really required her to squeeze her feet up under her heiney, which is unnatural.  Then I got her to sit turned 90º to the board, which is tricky because of how she has to align her feet.  She did well on all of this.

As our last thing to do, I asked her to "bacon" to the beam.  She turned a couple of times to get on forward and got paid nothing.  Then she tried what I asked for and backed all 4 feet on, and was able to stay on while I started rewarding her, but then snuck one foot down to the ground.  We did it again and she kept them up throughout the reward.  I was very proud of her for pulling it together for this very challenging effort.  As I recall, last week her best effort was when it got really challenging.  Anyway, I decided to stop with this special effort, even though there was time left in class.

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