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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nosework (4/20)

This was a container day.   And most of those were boxes and we all know what Gimme thinks is the real reason for a box's existence - to be demolished. 

Container 1 search video - This search was paired and we were supposed to add more treats, by reaching in the box or can to keep their nose deep in the container.  Gimme had a good time finding hides in 2 cans and 4 boxes (some were found and then re-found).  The can hides weren't paired, so she wasn't as motivated to stick her head in there.  Still she was very excited about the exercise - one can never have too many treats doncha know.

Container 2 search video  Container 2 search video - This time there were 2 each can and box hides, unpaired.  Gimme really worked this out well and fast.  She was easily the fastest in class. 

Container 3 search video - This time there were 2 box hides, again unpaired.  As you'll see, she found one hide quickly, but then got frustrated.  She started indicating every box, trying to get me to hand over the treats.  She wasn't searching, she was just going through the motions and slapping every box she came to, in hopes I'd like one.  I had to get her to slow down and get back to searching.  Unfortunately in a trial, I would already have gotten a false alert.

Between this search and the next, I mentioned how Gimme often stops working and just starts flinging behaviors at me whenever I have the treats actually in my hand, which we were told to do in these searches.  I see it in RallyFrEe and in Parkour.  I don't see it in tracking, but then I've never had the food in my hand while being dragged down the track.  They poo-poohed my idea, which is often the reaction to my ideas/thoughts.  After all, I couldn't possibly have learned anything about my dog in the six years she's owned me. 

Their only explanation was to say she was frustrated and I needed to slow her down.  I don't buy this, she's been frustrated before without responding by indicating everything in sight.  To me indicating everything she comes to is a LOT like offering any behavior she thinks of.

Container 4 search video - This search was pretty much the same as the one before, 2 boxes.  The only difference - it was a blind hide.  The instructors believed she did better (not indicating everything) because we were moving a little slower.  They didn't even notice how I kept both hands on the line and didn't have treats in my hand. 

Is this search definitive proof of not having treats in my hands as the reason she did better?  "No".  Its also not proof saying having treats in my hands is not a factor in her doing poorly. 

This is probably the only thing I don't like about these trainers... the assumption I couldn't possibly know my dog.  Surely I can't have learned anything watching her do nosework searches for 300 classes (3-4 searches per class), watching her track 200 times and watching her do barn hunt 100 times.  I'm not a dope on a rope and I always resent the implication.  Which explains why the vast majority of the time I don't express my ideas - I don't have a burning desire to be talked to like I'm ignorant.

Fortunately Gimme is immune to this stuff and she always has a good time.

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