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Friday, March 24, 2017

Nosework (1/24)

We had nosework class this week, but something happened to the videos.  Dorothy was gone this week; so, I don't know if the guy who was taking them for me didn't get them taken or if it was something I did.  But I did find the camera set to a custom setting when I retrieved parkour videos for the following night.  So its hard to say what happened to them... or if there even were any videos. 

We had two sets of three searches...  The first set was a 2 vehicle search, an exterior search and a 1 vehicle search.
3 vehicle search - This search was three big trucks.  Gimme totally ignored one vehicle and found the 1 hide pretty quickly.
exterior search - The exterior search was an odd "L" shaped area.  Gimme found both hides really fast.
1 vehicle search - Gimme nailed this hide in under ten seconds. 

Our second set was a search in the foyer, a search in the front half and and a search in the back half.  One of the things about these searches were they were really all mixed container/interior searches, as the interiors had boxes, but we weren't told if there were any hides in them or not.
foyer search - When we entered the foyer there were 5 large cat carrier boxes.  The hide was in the most central one.  Gimme paid no attention to the others.  When I encouraged her she checked around and quickly went back to the same box.
mixed container/interior front half - This area was cluttered with a lot of stuff.  There was a hide in a brick shaped box, under a stool and attached to the mop bucket.  Gimme raced around and found these very fast.
mixed container/interior back half - This area had a large L-shape made of tables with chairs all around.  Some of the chairs had boxes in them.  One hide was at the base of a book shelf and the other was under the lip of the easel.

Final speed-round search - For this search the prior hides in the back half were left in place and three hides were added in boxes sitting on chairs.  Gimme raced around and got these sooooo fast. 

In fact all her searches were very fast.  The slowest was the first one and after it, she just got faster and faster.  I'm inclined to think she is verrrrry interested in getting to the chicken nuggets and raw steak.  I did a side-by-side preference test, three rounds.  I showed her chickie-nugget in one hand and raw-steak in the other and then let her grab them.  All three times she grabbed the chicken nugget first and then grabbed the steak. 

Gimme thinks we should do this preference test a few more times, just to be sure the results are accurate.  You know my girl - always working the angles.

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