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Friday, March 24, 2017

Parkour (2/6)

Jo was not there tonight, so we have the makeup instructor.  She isn't as good as Jo, though the sequences are fun and its all good for Gimme to work in the presence of other dogs. 

Sequence 1 video - She had us do the tictac board as part of the sequence to show the other students how its done.  Gimme did pretty good on this for the first sequence of the night, though she wasn't especially focused on the first "below". 

Sequence 2 video - This was a repeat of the prior sequence and Gimme did a great job, to include wearing her leash across her nose for a bit at the beginning.

4 pylon sequence video - The idea was to go out around each pylon in a cloverleaf pattern, with "box" between each "out".  Gimme was a little distracted in the beginning, so I turned our 4 pylon sequence into 6 pylons.  Getting the last four smoothly. 

Raised ladder video - Gimme hasn't done the raised ladder in quite awhile, so I was so pleased to see her do such a nice job.  I still want to see a design for this ladder with an intermediate difficulty between 6" and 2" wide steps.  I have an idea for it and when my class gets going, I hope to get the guy who does the equipment building for Pawsabilities to design it for me.

Sequence 3 video - This was a nice sequence, with the 4 pylon sequence and the raised ladder.  I was especially pleased with Gimme at the very end.  If you watch, you'll see her glance over at the two young dogs and then turn her attention back to me.  I gave her a lot of extra peanut butter for her "good decision". 

I do have to say, these two new classmates are very new to the world of dog sports and I've been really happy with their efforts to keep their dogs quiet and relatively still when Gimme is on the floor working.  Both dogs are handled by older gentlemen and its clear they don't have any prior experience, but they are really working to be good handlers and responsible owners. 

Sequence 4 video - This was a nice sequence and Gimme did a great job with it, remaining focused the whole time.

Figure 8 video - This was really a simple thing to do, but we sure had our issues with the leash getting caught on the pylons and under my feet.  Gimme totally knows how to do figure 8s and I know how to handle it, but she sure got more than her fair share of unintended leash corrections.  Thankfully she is very determined and will work through such things.

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