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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Parkour (3/6)

As I mentioned on the recent nosework blog post, my camera was acting up and I didn't know it.  It was saving the videos in a different file format and they are much harder to edit.  It takes about five times longer <sigh> and the trims aren't as accurate.

Distance "out" w/props video - This was about sending Gimme "out" around something a few feet away.  Clearly she knows this behavior with cones, so Jo changed us up to do it with a chair.  Gimme remembered her makeup lesson where we worked on this so much.  Since it wasn't a challenge, Jo brought us a low bucket (very "table" and "hands" worthy).  What I discovered was if I stepped up closer so my foot was a bit alongside the bucket, then Gimme understood what I wanted.  I was able to move my foot back a bit.  I would teach this differently myself.  Since she understands the concept with a cone, I'd place a cone next to the bucket and cue it - much like the way we teach backside jumps in agility.  Gimme did it well many times and then the first time she goofed was when Jo was watching - naturally.

Crawl trainer video - We haven't done this since we first started in parkour classes.  As you can see, Gimme didn't forget.

Scaffold sequence video - The challenge here was to slow them down when they got on the scaffold, since they couldn't see what came next as they were jumping up.  Gimme had no problem with this, though only pausing briefly.  The second time I added several control points to encourage her to be more thoughtful (and hinting perhaps I can drive the train just for a moment).

Classmate Ruby is super sensitive and her handler reflexively said "no" to her when she got on the scaffold and just jumped down and they couldn't get her on the scaffold again.  Jo is patient and slow, so they'll get it, but it's still sad to watch such a sweet dog deal with her confusion and lack of confidence.  The moment of jumping down was probably her most confident behavior and poor baby got what she perceived as a huge correction.  I look forward to seeing her grow.  The other dog is like Gimme, a bold and natural doer-of-things.

Multiple uses video - We were to take a chair and see how many things we could do with it.  We had "out" in both directions, "hands", "table", "below" and "bacon".  After the first round of doing them, Gimme was pretty certain my job was only to hand out treats.  She is also certain she'd get a whole lot more treats if I'd just go with the flow and watch all the cool stuff she's showing me.  Just sayin...

"hands" with sit video - The goal here is to have her "sit" and "stand" on cue while simultaneously doing "hands", not taking her feet off the prop.  This is both a physical and conceptual challenge.  We tried to do this with the bucket, but it was just too high.  When we switched to the lower prop she was able to do it, but it was still hard.  Her tendency was to just "sit" halfway, so when I gave her a treat I pushed it toward her to encourage her to drop back into a real sit.  I thought the physical challenge was going to a "stand" again, but as you can see, Gimme pops into a stand with no problem.  I had her do some "box" (out of sight) and "bacon" to break it up for her.  I have the perfect prop here at home for her to work on this some more.

"thru-out-thru" video - The sequence seems simple enough, but with a fast moving dog like Gimme, getting the "out" cue in a timely manner is very challenging.  It really needs to be "thru-out" instead of "thru" "out". 

By the way, this is the first time Gimme ever headed toward one of the other dogs in class.  I didn't intend the "No!"  Likewise stepping on her leash at exactly the right moment was also an accident.  My reactions are not so fast, so it was a happy accident.  Fortunately her "delicate" psyche was none the worse for wear.

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