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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Parkour (7/5)

I wasn't sure how class would go after our experience walking the night before.  Shall we say it was "interesting".  Gimme was higher than a kite and her "energy" affected the other dogs.  The Aussie who is always so well behaved was quite flighty.  Gimme was very intense throughout class and was really rough when I gave her treats.  This sometimes happens when she's anxious about something.  Oddly the white standard poodle who was the source of all this was the best behaved in class - they said they'd taken a hint from us and were using string cheese for treats.

"Out" sequence 1 video - There were four props, 2 chairs, a pylon and a cone, and we were supposed to plan a route and then have our dog go around each of them.  I thought I was pulling a fast one by turning the stool so Gimme wouldn't see the shorter side and be inclined to do something other than "out".  Naturally Gimme still managed to do "hands" to it.

"Out" sequence 2 video - This time I had my route planned a bit better, so it went very smooth and fast.

Sequence 3 video - This sequence started in a "box", "out" around a chair and ending with "thru" the barrel.  Gimme did it beautifully.

Sequence 4 video - This sequence was a reverse of the time before, starting "thru" the barrel, "out" around a chair and ending with "box".  Gimme did it beautifully again.  She was really getting grabby for the treats and hurting my fingers, so we worked on this.

Crawl trainer 1 video - Took just a moment for Gimme to remember what this was about.  It took her much longer (edited out) to decide she could take treats without drawing blood.  Okay it's an exaggeration, but not by much.

Crawl trainer 2 video - Gimme did well again, but still took time to control herself taking treats.

Sequence 5 video - Here we put it all together.  Started with the 4 prop "out" sequence, crawl trainer, "table", "box", "out" around the chair, and "thru" the barrel.  We could do this much faster, but I was trying to encourage a little self control.

Sequence 6 video - "Thru" the barrel, "out" around the chair, "box", "table", "table", "below" the chair, crawl trainer, "walkies" on low board walk, and "out" sequence with 4 props.  Gimme's leash snagged on the pylon and brought it crashing after her.  You'll see Gimme wasn't the least bit concerned by the thing chasing her.

Sequence 7 video - We repeated the same sequence and Gimme did well.

Sequence 8 video - For this last run, we each got to come up with our own idea for a sequence, using each prop.  We started "thru" the barrel, "hands" to the stool", figure-8 "outs" to the pylon and cone, "hands" on the step ladder, "walkies", crawltrainer, "below" the chair, and then to make her happy - ended with "bacon" to both tables and into box.

Gimme was quite tired after class, as was I.  Unfortunately I didn't get to take a long nap during the drive home like she did.

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