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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Parkour (1/7)

 There was a new dog in class, a large black Akita. If you look past us on the videos you can see the handler's head above the divider. She is really careful with her dog and I assumed he was reactive. Jo said he's still quite young and the handler, knowing the propensity of her breed, is doing everything she can to make sure he doesn't become reactive.

We had one specific layout created with 8 dividers and pool noodles. They were set up with:

1. pool noodle between divider 1 and 2
2. space between divider 2 and 3
3. pool noodle between divider 3 and 4... and so on

We did a different sequence each time, sometimes building on what we'd done before and sometimes changing it. We also used some props set up at the ends of the channels. The channels with pool noodles were for the dog's to go through and the ones with space (no pool noodle) was for the handler.

Sequence 1 video - This time it was very simple - "jump", go "out" around cone, "jump", turn, "jump", go "out" around cone, and "jump". Then we reversed direction. Ya gotta love Jo's ability to rhyme on the fly, "Your dog was great and you were late."

Sequence 2 video - This time we changed it up, making it - "below", go "out" around cone, "jump", turn, "below", go "out" around cone, and "jump". Then we reversed direction. Gimme found it challenging to respond to the "below" cues. She didn't get a sequence with a "below" correct the first time until the last sequence where I slowed her down a lot.

Sequence 3 video - This time it was the same sequence, but with a "wait" in the "box".

Sequence 4 video - Jo replaced the cones with a "table" and the carwash "thru". We still needed to do the "wait" in the "box". On the reverse direction, it almost seems like Gimme thinks if I am late with the cue on the first try, then she is under no obligation to listen for the cue on the next few attempts. Or maybe she had no plans to listen anyway.

Sequence 5 video -
This time Jo replaced the carwash with a "thru" barrel. Then as we finished the sequence in the first direction, there was "out" around a cone, then go right into the reverse direction (no "wait" in the "box"). I'm having to really slow her down so she can do it right and hear my cues.

Sequence 6 video - This time we did one turn through and then ended with a short sequence of parkour behaviors: "box", "table", "below" and "hands". I took Gimme through it slowly, reinforcing a couple extra times for her "wait" in the "box", and she got it all right. Good girl!

Gimme didn't seem to pay any attention to the Akita, in fact I never had a moment when I thought, "she just noticed him." Of course, she was having a little difficulty with focusing on my cues, so perhaps she had noticed. Then again it was only the "below" cue she seemed to have a problem with, so maybe not. Don't you love how decisive I am?

I've noticed a warm spot between her shoulder blades since then... which I think may be from all the jumping. We work on rubber mats, so it could just be from doing so much jumping at a slow speed, which is physically entirely different from doing a lot of jumps when running. Of course it could be from something else. I have to check my calendar for her next chiropractor visit.

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