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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

RallyFrEe practice (40)

I am behind in posting... but working on it.  This is for the practice last Thursday.  I had a good plan, but unfortunately left home without my camera and by the time I remembered, it was far too late to go back.  J'Anna made a list of all the things we worked on.

Session 1 -
On leash we started with a bit of focus work, then heeling.  I encouraged heeling with more attention.  I had Gimme do a couple of side changes, going from "heel" position to "side" and back to "heel" and ending in "side".  Then we did some right "side" heeling with attention.
Off leash we again did side changes, ending in "side", then adding a "turn".  From there it was find "center" and I put treats in the standing-still bank account.  She really doesn't see value in standing still, so I practiced "wait" in a stand at "center" position.  Then we did some food tosses, throwing treats for her and sometimes with "thru" and sometimes without to find whichever position I cued as she was coming toward me.  Last we practiced luring "take-a" in both positions, with lots of treats for duration.  Remember I am working on getting "take-a" while remaining neatly in "heel" or "side" position, instead of swinging her butt out 45º.

Session 2 -
On leash there was just a bit of attention work.
Off leash we did "bacon" to a platform.  I set up the platform before I brought her in, but then couldn't remember why I wanted it, but of course, Gimme will "bacon" to anything.  Because we often have distraction issues as we pass the corners (though much better than before) Kathy suggested I do call-front from the corners. The first corner it was hard for Gimme to realize she could actually "wait" with her back to the stuff, but with a little help she got it. The second corner was still a challenge, but she got it with almost no help (one repeated command). The third corner (the one where she often gets sucked in) was the best. The fourth corner was with her back to the door to the day care and there was a dog moving around in there, who came up the gate/door (only 15' from us). She stayed put, but had her neck craned around to watch. I didn't go as far away before calling her.  Then I remembered why I wanted to platform, to practice "high" and "fiver".  Remember I realized "high" and "five" sound too similar, so I changed it to "fiver".  I still don't think they sound different enough, so I'm going to change it to Spanish, "cinco".
Then we did the course which included: "side", "otto" for free choice, right paw lift, "turn", "behind", "bacon" to J'Anna's prop, "spin" to center, "thru" to "side", "center" with 360º pivot, back-up "thru" 3 times, 180º pivot, simultaneous "spin", ending with "take-a" bow.

Session 3 -
All off leash.  I wanted to work on her paw lifts and started with a small foot stool, but it was too small and Gimme was putting her focus on staying on it, rather than working on paw lifts.  So we changed to a chair and then worked on them.  We used the platform to work on her "center" position without movement.  Then did a couple of "bacon" to it.  Then we ended with some more work on "take-a". 

All in all a good practice, with nice short sessions.  Too bad I didn't have it on video.

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