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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Parkour (3/7)

We had class outside and there were a dog Gimme hadn't seen before, two newer dogs (Akita and Tevuren) as well as the dog we've been in class with for a couple of months. Overall she did very well with this. The Akita was very distracted, so his owner didn't take any turns. I certainly appreciate how very careful she is. 

"Out" practice video - Jo had us each pick an item or two and warm-up by practicing "out" on it. I decided to use the tree right on the edge of the area behind our cubicle, though it was challenging for leash handling, since I didn't want to let go of her leash until I was sure she was focused. Jo brought me a flowerpot to use as well. I was very happy to see Gimme start off so well, usually she can take a few turns to get her brain in gear. BTW you'll also see Jo carrying out a divider to put in front of our cubicle. I was going to get one, but she beat me to it. 

Sequence 1 video - Easy sequence, but Gimme was distracted by the front of the child's kitchen. Jo said all the dogs with nosework experience had been the first time and she thought it might have been used for a hide, especially since they were all sniffing the front side of it. BTW this sequence ended with "hands" to the low rim around the tree planter. "Hands" on low things has been a challenge for us; Gimme loves to turn them into "table", but she followed my cue this time.  

Sequence 2 video - Walking on the rim of the tree planter and then onto the narrow board was added to the sequence. All the other dogs had a real challenge making the turn from the rim to narrow board. Gimme got it easy peasy. 

Sequence 3 video - Jo added a lot this time. I had Gimme repeat a couple of behaviors because they weren't crisp enough. They would have been okay and I did reward her for them, but wanted to encourage her to do a nicer job. 

Sequence 4 video - Jo added a couple more items. One thing you can't see is the little riding toy (after the table-out-table combo). We were supposed to get the dog to do "hands" on it. The challenge was that it moved. Gimme was the only one who could do it - moving stuff just doesn't bother her. 

Sequence 5 video - This is another short sequence. Gimme did nicely for all of it, though she did manage to turn one of the "hands" into "table" as she was supposed to be getting off of it. So, I had her do it again. Otherwise she did nicely at everything. 

There was one more sequence, which I suggested as Jo was pondering what to have us do next. I suggested we do a creativity sequence where each of us have to figure out our own route and try to come up with novel uses. Jo correctly figured out I suggested it because Gimme hadn't gotten to do even one "bacon" for the whole class. When we did our sequence, I had Gimme "bacon" onto several things, ending with her very talented "bacon" onto the narrow board. Sadly I messed up and so I don't have video. <pout> 

Everyone was suitably impressed and we got clapping and cheering for Gimme's special talent.

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