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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Parkour (4/7)

Jo wasn't there, so we had a substitute. She's not nearly as good as Jo at coming up with creative and fun things to do. The one positive is - she often has me do the exercise and then demonstrate some part of the next exercise, so Gimme gets a little bit extra floor time, because then she gets to do it again when her turn rolls around.

"thru" sequence video - There's almost no video to show here, since the instructor chose to stand in front of the camera. Gimme got to go through the dividers with the pool noodles and then for extra measure, to "back" through the carwash. I started cuing "bacon", but it only seemed to confuse her. Then when I tried "back" she was still trying to find some way to get her feet on it. What finally worked well was to let her come through normally and stop her halfway, then encourage her to back up from there. Then she totally got it.

Sequence 1 video - You can see our Tervuren classmate through this video. He's a nice, calm boy and Gimme is completely unconcerned about him. I know I can rely on his owner to be careful, so I'm sure my attitude helps. The big deal about the ladder was because it was on the ground and the other dogs just walked through it, instead of on it. Gimme was the only one who immediately walked on the rungs, but she's done it enough to know she won't get paid unless she does it right.

Sequence 2 video - This was a nice sequence and you get to see Gimme "back" through the carwash. She really picks stuff up so fast - this time on cue after getting it right once in the first turn. You'll hear the instructor ask me to show Gimme doing a 180ยบ turn on the boardwalk ("flip"). I don't have to tell her to "halt" first, but I do sometimes if I'm not sure she's completely focused.

Sequence 3 video - This is another sequence. The big to-do was because I had Gimme "bacon" on the tub. We were told to do "two on" and since she didn't specify which two, I was making a funny. Gimme loves backing on stuff, so I try to work it in from time to time.

Sequence 4 video - This short sequence was just more of the same, except with the narrow board. None of the other dogs had done the narrow board. Next to Gimme, her Tervuren friend was the best. It took him a bit to figure it out, but then he did it nicely, being his usual calm and thoughtful self.

Unfortunately this was the end of class for the night. Gimme could have played parkour for another hour.

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