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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Parkour (5/7)

Jo set up a low platform in the middle of a circle of  8 props, which were: bucket, carwash, box, barrel, jump, jump upright, table and bench. Each sequence we had a different task. Sorry you can't see it all, I had to have the camera out on the floor and didn't realize I didn't get the angle right.

Sequence 1 video - For this first sequence we were to start on the platform in the middle and do each prop one at a time, then return to the platform before going on to the next. It was challenging to get the presentation right for some of them.

Sequence 2 video - This time we just went around the ring doing each behavior in turn, which goes really fast. You'll see Gimme does "hands" then steps across the prop doing "table" as I'm trying to move her around it and onto the next prop. I really have to move her away in a larger way to prevent this.

Sequence 3 video - This time we repeat the first sequence and follow it immediately with the second sequence. Since we've just done a fast trip around, the challenge is to have the dog respond to cues and not just assume it's another speed circle. You'll see how I pull her away after doing "hands", to prevent her from stepping across the prop.

Sequence 4 video - The challenge here was to do props in pairs across from each other. It wasn't hard to do physically.  The hard part was keeping it straight in your head.

Sequence 5 video - The task for our last sequence was to use each prop in a different way. Naturally I chose to use this sequence to show off Gimme's backing up skill on every prop. Everyone thinks she's amazing and would make a very heroic action figure. Her special power will give her the ability to get really close to the bad guys while they think she is moving away - truly a very special power. There are plenty of action figures for boys and a few for girls. It's about time there was one for dogs, doncha think...

This next Wednesday is a skip week for us. Gimme will be disappointed to miss class, but I welcome the extra time in my week.

Linda and Ron just moved and before they left they gave me a nice couch and loveseat, almost new. They are currently outside, between the house and carport, covered in sheets and a tarp. I have some guys who will be moving them in and the old stuff out on Friday and I have a lot of decluttering to do before then. The forecast shows sprinkles on Thursday and Friday, but I hope the forecasters are as wrong as they usually are.

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