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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

RFE Practice (42)

Session 1 video - For the first session, we worked on our segment for the MDSA video.  I wanted to use "touch" in our routine, so we did a bunch of those in our warm-up. Then we did dry runs for the choreography I'd planned. Naturally, once I put the music on, it had to change. Gimme was really distracted by the corner, so I had to work though this with click/treat for turning with me. On one run (you'll hear a crackly noise) it is from the little speaker vibrating itself off the table and then starting across the floor. We had to put it in a little corral. The last two runs, starting at about 6 minutes, are the best.  I have to get together festive ring markers and wear the right outfit (khaki pants and bright top) during the final filming.

Session 2 video - We started the second session working on "fanny", where Gimme is in position behind me and follows me. In hindsight, I think this would be better in a channel of guides. Next we practiced "otto" (backing around me from and back to heel position). J'Anna set up an oval of signs she wanted to work on, so we tinkered with them. On the handler-dog-handler-dog front crosses, I have to remember to take a step forward before I turn to cross, otherwise Gimme assumes she's supposed to turn with me - whether I say "wait" or not. She's been reading the shoulder movement too long and I can't convince her it doesn't mean anything.  Sometimes it does mean something, so I guess she's right.  Our last thing was backing in side position.  As much as Gimme loves backing up, I was surprised at her difficulty. I get a few steps, but she really didn't understand what I wanted. When people started filing by with their dogs for another class, I switched to easy behaviors, so she could stay engaged with me. She couldn't do this last Fall. We ended with some quick heeling. BTW you have to forgive J'Anna. She gets distracted watching Gimme and forgets to turn the camera.

Session 3 video - I used a different approach to working backing in heel using a target (carpet square). Gimme is quite adept at backing to any kind of target, so this made things easier to understand. After she was doing this well, I changed my relative position in a couple of steps until it was what we needed. She did really well and then suddenly kept trying to turn it into our "spinotto". I can't see any reason in the video why she was doing this - maybe just a bit brain tired or bored with too many reps or both. From there we switched to working on "away", where she is in front of me, but facing away. The target stick just wasn't working, so I did a bit of naming the position.  I think using a platform would be helpful in training this.  Then we did more heeling and working the distracting corner (where all the stuff happens). Last was treat tossing with finding position. 

All in all, it was a good session. 

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