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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wait For The Cue (2)

WFTC, session 1 video - I repeated the sessions from last night, so this was "stand" and "down". I really do know I'm supposed to click, then treat, but I was trying to keep her still as I got the behaviors. I also accepted her coming up into a "stand" from "down" before it was cued, because I wanted success and no frustration. It'll be harder, later. She is already getting the idea somewhat, and I'm able to pull my hand away between treats. This was a big improvement already from last night. 

WFTC, session 2 video - This time the two behaviors were "turn" (CW spin) and "paw" (touch whatever body part I offer with your paw). Gimme keeps touching my hand with her nose, the "touch" behavior, as well as trying to offer other "paw" behaviors ("high"). I get the "paw", but after "touch" and had the same issue the night before. It takes me awhile, but I come to realize she is simply confused and unable to transition from lots of treats from the hand and "paw" to hand. At some point I need to work through the distinction between "touch" (nose touch) and "paw" (paw touch) to my hand, but this is not what we are trying to achieve today. When I start offering my knee for "paw", then she does a great job. At one point she is losing focus and not hearing me, so I gently put my hands on her, with some stroking on her neck, and then she is able to come back. She's very tactile, so touch can be soothing for her, but I can't get grabby about it (which has happened when I've gotten frustrated). Both hands up is a "I don't want this" marker. I don't use it very often and only did so here because I couldn't stop her "turn" offering. We end with a nice "paw" to knee where she holds her position and then gives me a good "turn" on the first cue. Nice work there. 

WFTC, session 3 video - This time we have "touch" (nose touch to hand) and "sit". Gimme starts off with a bit of mugging me, which needs to be worked through. BTW the criteria for stillness is related to the behavior if it has a specific position (like "down" or "sit" or when she sits to "paw"), otherwise I want her to stand, since I need this the most for RallyFrEe. You can see she is getting the idea since she holds the sit while I fish in my pocket for more treats. This wasn't the best of the three sessions, but it was still an improvement from the night before. 

Another part of this process is to teach Gimme a green light cue for offering, "show me". So we are doing some free-shaping sessions where she is free to offer whatever she wants. I am trying to only click the same thing 2 or 3 times, though I made an exception here and there for behaviors I might want to use. She is tending to repeat behaviors she knows, but is starting to think. The other night when we did this I got only known behaviors and a whole bunch of "bacon". Today I think she did better. 

Free-Shaping, session 1 video - For this first session I had a tote lid available for her to interact with and predictably got "bacon" right away, but she did move on to other things when I didn't click it again. I think I've lost my eye, it takes me a bit to recognize the little things with promise. We clicked: "bacon", barking, head turn to the left, sneezing, brief stillness in front of me (to get off the barking), backing in a clockwise arc, head turn to the right, front paw lifts, right paw raise, and "high". 

Free-Shaping, session 2 video - This time I didn't have any prop for her to interact with, hoping to get more behaviors (since she can get quite stuck on "bacon"). We clicked: "thru", "heel" position, "stand" in front of me, head turn to the right, swinging toward "side" position, "sit", "turn", and backing in a clockwise arc. I kept this session a bit shorter. 

This is turning out to be a very interesting process. We'll see where it takes us.

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