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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Parkour (2/8)

This class started off with 5 dogs, including Gimme. There was one behind the fencing (behind Jo in the first video), one who camped to the back of the room and then two more on the left side of the room. Gimme was a bit distracted, but handling it. Then the nice calm Tervuren showed up and it really was too much for her. I didn't realize at the time she was starting into her false pregnancy - I saw the first real signs when we got home. The next day in RFE practice she also showed signs. So far she hasn't gone over the edge into false pregnancy, but according to my calendar, it'll be this coming Saturday.

Boardwalk work video - This was just a little bit of work on the boardwalk with extra control points along the way for Gimme. It is easy for her, but it was also a good chance to work through the distraction of two other dogs somewhat close.

"Thru" obstacle video - The obstacle was a channel with a 90ยบ bend with pool noodles stuck through it at various heights and angles. Gimme has seen this set-up several times, so it was easy for her. She wasn't even distracted by the proximity of the Akita, about 6' away.

Sequence 1 video - This is not a challenging sequence, but you might be able to see the increased distraction. Her effort here was just moments after the Tervuren arrived. She normally "likes" him, because he's so calm and well-behaved. In this case, I think his late arrival created sudden environmental change (SEC). She wasn't too bad, just a somewhat frantic edge to her - I see it. To her credit, Jo notices it too.

Multiple uses video - We were to take one prop and use it in as many ways as possible. We used the barrel and did: "thru", "hands" (2 ways), "table", "out", and "bacon". Oddly the "out" was the hardest to get.

Multiple uses 2 video - This is our chance to show off to the class what we've done. I added her doing "bacon" into the barrel and doing "bacon" on the barrel tipped on its end. This turned out to be easier than "bacon" to the side, because she had traction available much lower.

Special uses video - She set out a large group of props and we were to find unusual ways to use them. Obviously, we did "bacon" to everything... because we can. I didn't realize the cone would flip up against her. The other challenge was the little step platform - I thought she would back onto the low step on the end. When she tried to get on the top, it kept scooting away from her. I love how Gimme is so willing to try, even when things don't cooperate. I asked the lady who owns the Tervuren guy if she thought we were overdoing our "bacon" skill. She said, "Never. Always go with your strength."

Gimme was so tired she slept all the way home and didn't wake up until I stopped to get our mail. Poor baby.

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