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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Parkour (4/8)

Gimme is in her false pregnancy, so I wasn't expecting a lot from her. It took a little bit to get her brain focused, but then she did nicely. About a half hour from home, she had a meltdown. The first thing she did when she got home was run to her new blue bear toy. Later she got big bunny out of the bottom of her toy basket and laid down with it for awhile. So I'll make sure to take both whenever we go anywhere until this passes. There were five dogs in class, including Gimme.

"Below" video - This was an easy "below" to do, just with a different prop. Of course, I did have to remind Gimme to actually listen to me.

"Walkies" video - This was easy enough, but again Gimme needed a reminder to listen to me, not just assume what I wanted.

Sequence 1 video - Gimme was getting better focus at this point. It was a little challenging for me to think ahead of where to put my front crosses in so I could direct her efficiently. I missed one.

Sequence 2 video - She did a really nice job with this, staying well focused the whole time. Good work for such a large class of five dogs.

Sequence 3 video - This was a repeat of the same sequence and Gimme got distracted by me having food when she was on the boardwalk, so we went back and started at the beginning of the boardwalk. She tends to easily get food obsessed when she is in a false pregnancy, so I put in a control point to help her remember to think about what she's doing. We had to do this again when she forgot to think about where her feet were and what they were doing.

Sequence with gap jump video - Here we go back to the original "walkies" sequence with a little gap jump added. Gimme does it nicely.

Sequence with bigger gap video - Same sequence with a bigger gap to get to the tub. Gimme did well with this.

Gap jumping video - Gimme was kinda hit and miss with this. She seemed to do better going toward the tree planter - probably because the landing was so much larger. Going the other way to the tub didn't leave any room for an additional step or two on landing, so it was more challenging. Plus I really don't think she saw the point to it. Of course, once I decided to bring out the PB gotoob for a reward, she no longer cared whether there was a point to the exercise. As far as Gimme is concerned, peanut butter is all the point she needs.

Between peanut butter and chicken nuggets, Gimme will do anything she can physically accomplish to be certain she gets her share. Ya gotta love working with a dog who is so easy to motivate, eh.

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