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Friday, July 21, 2017

Parkour (5/8)

While her false pregnancy hasn't been as intense as in the past, it's slowly gearing up, so I wasn't sure what to expect from her in class. She did well, it just took a bit to get her brain into what we were doing. BTW the reason I think her f.p. is less intense has to do with the addition of Sabina (a homeopathic remedy). We added it last time, but she was already halfway through the false pregnancy - this time we started it much sooner and it seems to make a big difference. She's still not as focused and easily frustrated, but far better than the past.

2-on moving prop "hands" video - This was easy for Gimme. She spent time on the egg ball when she was a puppy of just a few weeks old (while still with the breeder) and she's been on mine, so this just doesn't bother her. Being paid for something so easy is a really great deal for her.

Scaffold work video - Again, easy for Gimme. So easy she just wants to go ahead and do without waiting for me. I add two control points to encourage her to listen/wait for me.

Going "thru" props video - Gimme cut the corner, which was a natural mistake. I tried repeatedly to get her to "wait" so I could get a little ahead and help her. She knows her stays very well, but was unable to focus enough to stay put. Maybe focus isn't the right word - it is more an issue of impulse control. I'm sure it's related to the false pregnancy. Anyway, once I got a tiny little stay, then she did it beautifully and was equally flawless on the way back.

Boardwalk video - This was a simple sequence and I just let Gimme do it without any control points. Sometimes my little girl just deserves to have a some fun.

Sequence 1 video - This was a nice little sequence putting together everything we'd done thus far. Gimme did a nice job.

Sequence 2 video - The was the same sequence, only in reverse. I still hadn't gotten Gimme's full attention, so I added a lot of control points this time. I know they aren't as fun for her as going-going-going, so I try to pay well for each "halt" to make it worth her while. After all, food is always fun for this girl.

Sequence 3 video - This sequence was a shortie - using the bench boardwalk and ending with an under-over. I sent Gimme "below" and then called her to come. I assumed she would jump over it, since she likes jumping. She assumed I meant to come back "below". Clearly I need to be more specific.

Sequence 4 video - Another simple sequence with a couple of obstacles added in. We did control points and you can see on the video she is really thinking and listening better.

Sequence 5 video - Again a reverse of the last sequence, with control points.

Sequence 6 video - Another sequence with a table send added in the middle. Gimme did a great job with this.

I love parkour for Gimme. She always wants to do-do-do and parkour gives her plenty of things to play with. 

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