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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our Week

Last Wednesday I came home to discover Gimme had shredded her bed under the computer desk. This is why I shut the door to the bedroom during this time. She gets a serious case of the nestiez and sometimes overdoes it, ripping coverlets.

Thursday was our planned video day for the current MDSA collaboration, Phantom of the Dogera. Gimme really struggled the whole time to work, but we finally got a segment to use. It wasn't what I planned, since Gimme had her own ideas on choreography. Gimme's Phantom Segment video It never seems very good at the time. However when I look at it later, it's much better. I guess I need to clear my head of the frustration to see the good in it.

We didn't track on Friday because I had an overnight inventory in one of my accounts. It finished at 4a.m. which means I didn't get to sleep until an hour later.

Gimme continued to be really whackadoo about her imaginary babies. Some nights our bed got really crowded by the time she brought all the kids in. Getting this picture with all the babies was really challenging, since I'm not allowed to actually touch them. She sometimes brings one and places it carefully in my lap, but if I touch it, she takes it away. Apparently I can't do
anything right.

Saturday morning it occurred to me to check her homeopathic remedies using kinesiology. Sure enough, there were a lot of changes. I think I need to get in the habit of checking once a week when she's in her condition. The change made a big difference and she was much more relaxed.

I decided to skip tracking Saturday as well. We also didn't do any of our usual long weekend walks. Gimme isn't as obsessed with her babies now. She's still taking care of all the ones in the picture, though spending most of her time on three favorites. At night she only brings two babies. One on the bed and one on the floor next to the bed. The new Owl toy is the one on the bed each night, the floor baby is rotated through her very large family. It's a good thing she isn't bringing any more for the floor, since she gets outraged when I step on one and make it squeak during my middle of the night trek to the toilet.

Now we are having a week of unseasonably hot weather. Both nosework and parkour classes have been cancelled due to the heat. Today missed its high by four degrees. Thursday was supposed to be the highest, but has now been downgraded to 101ยบ. Since we haven't been out for a walk in over a week, I'm hoping to get in gear and take her for a walk tomorrow morning before it gets hot. We'll see how she feels about leaving the kids.

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