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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nosework (6/31)

This was a class all about containers. Given the huge number of boxes and knowing Gimme tends to get more and more excited by them, I was surprised she didn't go Demolition Gimme on them.

Container 1 video - This went really fast. Gimme moved many of the boxes but wasn't particularly stomping on them. Good job.

Container 2-4 video - There were three container searches in this one room, but we were to treat them as separate searches. I really thought she'd go overboard with all these back-to-back container searches, but she didn't. She did a nice job with them and cooperating when I asked her to check some.

Container 5 video - A long row of boxes like this set up is normally enough to really excite her straight into destructive mode. She starts out really good finding two hides, the first and last boxes, then as we come back she indicates another. The instructor said it wasn't the hide and I told Gimme to find me the real hide. She gets frustrated, probably because she knows she's right and should be getting paid, and when she flips it over I see a "B" on the bottom. I love the way she poked it a couple more times, checked one other box and then comes right back to it, which is when it got flipped over. She knew she was right and wasn't about to be talked into alerting falsely. What a great girl she is!

Container 6 video - This last search had all the hides in it, one big room with 8 hides. I'm amazed at her restraint with this big field of boxes. Normally this would send her right over the edge. She is so busy trotting around getting 7 hides - just one to go. Her reaction when she sniffs it on the fly while heading back to the other end of the room is priceless.

I'm still kind of amazed at her self-restraint through this prolonged box-exposure. Hopefully she will not have used it all up - since we have an AKC scentwork trial this weekend and they are very strict on box bashing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

UKC Trial, 3 New Titles

This trial was only a 1-hour drive away, so I was able to be home at night. When I arrived at the trial grounds on Saturday, they were short a volunteer for the Pre-Trials, so I got to pinch in. Gimme will need to do pre-trials for the two highest level odors (myrrh and vetiver) so it was nice to get to see this test in action.

Saturday May 12th

Container search video - Naturally Gimme was quite excited to see a lovely long row of boxes. I did remind her she was working for chickie nuggies before I let her start. She raced off the start line and went the whole length and then slowed down. Their boxes had folding tops, so her stepping on them didn't crush them. I guess it wasn't as much fun, so she didn't bother doing it again. Gimme finished her search in 11.1 seconds, putting her just out of the placements, and earning the Novice Container (NC) title.

Vehicle search - Gimme went across the front of the vehicles (only the front bumper is in play for UKC novice) and quickly came back to the blue vehicle. She detailed and indicated to the right of license plate and I called alert. The judge said "where?" and when I indicated the area, she said "no". When she showed me where, after going back and forth trying to decide/remember where it actually was, it was 6-8 inches from where I pointed.

In fact, when I showed it to Gimme so I could reward at source, she acted uninterested. With the breeze coming from the right, I believe odor was channeling to where Gimme originally indicated. This picture shows the car - green arrow is where the judge said the odor was and red arrow is where Gimme indicated.

Interestingly, there were twice as many qualifying dogs in containers as there were in vehicles. Statistically, there are usually many more failures in containers than any other element. NOTE: The show chair, who is a friend of mine, struck up a conversation with the judges later and found out UKC has more exact requirements on vehicles than any other venue. While other venues have the lowest Q rate on containers, for UKC the lowest Q rate is in vehicles. If they are going to be so exacting, I think it's unfair to set up a channeling hide in novice.

Sunday May 13th

Interior search - This was a 10'x10' search area, delineated with painter's tape, with several objects and just one hide. Gimme went straight across the search area, sniffed two objects, came back to the first one and indicated. She had the hide in just 5.1 seconds, for 2nd Place and her new Novice Interiors (NI) title.
Exterior search - This was another small search area delineated with cones. Gimme ignored the stuff in the front half, sniffed the sign, then the milk crate and alerted. She had the hide in just 9.3 seconds, for 1st place and her new Novice Exteriors (NE) title.

The 5.1 and 9.3 seconds combined to earn us High In Trial! The first place dog in interiors was only 1/10th of a second faster than Gimme, while Gimme was 4.9 seconds faster than her in Exteriors. So we end the weekend with 3 new titles, a 2nd Place, a 1st Place and High in Trial. Yayyyy Gimme!

Here's Gimme with her ribbon haul, not that she cares about such things.  She cared a lot more about the large hunk of roast beef she got when she returned home.