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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

M & M Update

Tuesday, 8/31/10

For those who are following Michael's swollen face.  Our appointment today was very good.  Michael got an A+ on his follow-up visit. I haven't been able to feel any residue from his swelling for four days and even doc's educated fingers couldn't find anything. So the surgery is off and we'll just see if it reoccurs - hope not.  Also, doc used this opportunity to give Michael a full examination and pronounced him the healthiest ten year old dog he's seen. Pretty cool, given that Michael is 12 years 5 months old... Not that I'm bragging or anything...

Then we got in the car for a 2 hour drive (each way) to Vancouver to get Meaggi a tune up on her neck and loin area pain.  We'd been down last week and got good results, but they didn't last as long as usual.  Right now she seems comfortable and content -- so hopefully that will be resolved.

Cross your paws for the both of them...

Lists of my lists... coming soon...

Tuesday, 8/31/10

I've always loved lists...  I find them helpful to keep myself in some semblance of what could be called organized.  I also like to have charts and matrices, as appropriate.  There's just something really satisfying about crossing things off a list or checking boxes.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

So I took my puppy prep to do list and reorganized it.  My idea was to set up a schedule of weeks, so I don't get to the last week and then run myself into the ground trying to get it all done at the last minute.  I typed it into the computer, have added a weekly calendar strip where I can put in other appointments/commitments and I've left space between each week where I can add things to the list.  I tried to space it out somewhat.

I'm also keeping a pad of paper with me at all times so I can jot down additional things as I think of them.  (and today have filled almost a whole page on the pad while driving to Vancouver and back)

While I'm at it, I'm reading and reviewing important training materials and making lists and such for training things.  I'll be making lists and matrices for those later.

Did I mention that I can be "slightly" obsessive-compulsive?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Swirling mind, mine...

Friday, 8/27/10:

I admit, I have a fairly mindless job.  Often that proves to be an advantage, since I can ruminate on any topic that strikes my fancy.  But today my mind was swirling around, back and forth... on all the things I have to do before the little darling arrives. 

So I went to the back-to-school supply section and bought a little notebook so I could start making a list as things occurred to me.  Should I confess that the list filled almost two pages before I was done?

Since the 70 page notebooks are only 15 cents, I went back and bought 30 more.  I thought they'd be handy to use for a training journal.  I can keep one in the car, in my training bag, in the house.  As I put things in them, I can transfer it to larger 3-ring binders.  And if I lose a notebook, I will only have lost a couple entries, as opposed to the possibility of losing months, or even a year's worth of information. 

Came home to discover the book I'd ordered had arrived.  Its every bit as good as I expected it to be.

Weird happenings at our house

Thursday, 8/26/10:

Today was my day off from work, so I spent much of the day puppy proofing.  I don't feel like I got very far.  In the midst of my efforts, I heard a loud "whoosh" noise.  I went outside to discover that a sizable branch had fallen from the neighbor's tree into my yard.  It's about 40 ft long and the diameter of the branch where it broke is about 9 inches.  You can imagine how thankful I was that Michael and Meaggi were safely inside when this happened. 

Of course, that reminded me that the living room is not the only thing that needs to be puppy proofed.  I'll have to do a lot in the yard.  Plus need to double-check the fence to make sure there are no places where a small puppy could wriggle through.  It is chain link, but still, in the fifteen years since it was put in - things can shift.

Just what I needed, more for my to do list.

My oh myyyyyy

Thursday, 8/26/10:

So I get this message from Bernie that the little pink girl is an early riser - like before 5 a.m.   Oh dear - they are an hour ahead of me, so that would mean 4 a.m. Pacific time.  I am sooooo not a morning person.

Then I learn that while Tana was doing the babes' nails, pink girl escaped and was found "motoring across the floor".  I think that means moving really fast.  Either she's not enthused about the prospect of having her nails done ...OR... she was heading for the airport.

What have I gotten myself into?

Live streaming puppies

Bernie and Tana have set up a live video stream for the puppies.  Go to:  http://www.ustream.tv/

In the upper right hand corner of the webpage, type in "Monumental" (without the quotes) and click search.  The puppies are ususally the first choice.  Keep in mind, before the live stream starts, thre will be a short commercial.

You can also follow the puppies from inception on at:

There's a reason I can't get anything done...

Choices, choices, choices...

Tuesday, 8/24/2010:

Slade is an incredibly handsome boy, but I understood he produces, mostly boys.  Since I really prefer girls for performance... I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough non-show girls for me to choose from.  Especially, since I just know Tana would want to get as many as possible of the show quality pups into conformation homes.  Imagine my pleasant surprise to learn that there were THREE patch girls.  How exciting that was...

And, of course, one of those girls immediately started to distinguish herself from the group.  The little "pink" girl (collar color) has proven to be adventurous already.  It seems in her first 24 hours of life she wondered if there might be another milk bar on the other side of Mom.  So she crawled over Sadie and checked.  Not finding anything noteworthy over there and not wanting to go the long way around, she crawled over Mom again, from back to front.  That is quite a feat for a day old puppy.  Hmmmmm....

Can you spell "panic" ??

Monday, 8/23/10: 

Okay, its official.  I just suddenly realized how much I have left to do before the little darling arrives.  What have I been doing for the last two months?  Nothing.  Well not nothing, mostly just thinking about what I was going to do any minute now.  I feel so unprepared. 

There are so many things to think about
  1. getting the puppy, which quickly morphed to travel plans
  2. who will take me to/from the airport
  3. who will watch the house and other dogs during my absence
  4. training -- I really am going to do a training journal this time, so what format will I use, paper vs software
  5. puppy proofing the house
  6. setting up crates and such for puppy
  7. puppy proofing the yard
That's just the off the top of my head list...  I know when I really get started the list will grow by leaps and bounds.

Puppies... are coming

Sunday, 8/22/10: 

Its been a very full day.  After a rather disastrous jumpers run yesterday, Michael Q'd with flying colors today.  He's twelve and a half, so every time he has a poor run I begin to wonder if this is it, the end of his career.  I think he reads my mind, because almost every time I start to think that way, he turns in a stellar performance.

We were expecting puppies on Wednesday, and yet when I got home today I discovered that about half the litter had already landed from the mother ship.  And such big puppies too...  No wonder they came early, the ship was full... 

It seems only yesterday that Sadie and Slade were enjoying a romantic rendezvous...  This is soooooo exciting...