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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Agility (1/5 & 2/5)

Gimme has done well in both of her last two agility classes.  She was in season and wearing the dreaded panties this last week.  I can remember for her first couple of seasons how she was so distracted in classes.  Now she has plenty of focus, Blynn even commented this week about how focused she was and right away from the first run.  Methinks we are making progress.

I have just gotten home from the Enumclaw barn hunt grounds.  I discovered I was VERY lucky to have missed the cut-off for mail-in entry.  We went at the crack of dawn today in hopes of getting in with a day-of entry.  I hadn't realized the trial was in conjunction with one of the biggest local area all-breed shows.  This one also sported agility and lure coursing.  If I'd known about the lure coursing, it might have been an option for us - I've been wanting to try it and it was in adjacent fields.

There were many things which made this trial unworkable for us.  First the parking was a substantial hike from the actual location of the barn hunts.  There is no way I could have left Gimme in parking there - way too hot and no shade.  With all the chaos, the hike to the barn hunt would probably have fried her little brain.  The other option would have been to crate her right at the barn hunt, which also would have been too much.

I do have to say, after nearly 4 years of being so enmeshed in meeting her needs, part of me is just amazed at what we ask of dogs for all breed shows.  Watching so many walk along with such composure, completely nonchalant, unaffected by the chaos - it was just an eye-opener. 

The trial site itself was nice for most dogs, but would not have worked for us.  There was no place for a separate "private" blind and Gimme could not have handled being in an enclosed 10x10 canopy space with four other dogs.  I also learned they didn't finish until 10pm last night, so clearly they've got bugs to work out.  

Its a shame really, its the only barn hunt site close to home - just a one hour drive.  All the others have a minimum of 2 hours driving, and many closer to 3 hours.  Ah well.  

I'll be looking over the calendar of events to see if there are any other barn hunts coming up.  The last weekend of September there's a trial in Brownsville, OR, just over three hours.  We have an element trial in mid-September.  I may bypass Brownsville, since there are two trials closer in October, St. Helens again and Newberg, both in Oregon, but much closer than Brownsville.  

So for now, start crossing your fingers for the nosework element trial September 21st.  

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