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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Agility (4/5)

Class this week was not good.  I really expected it to be better than last week and in some ways it was.  It started out okay, but I found I couldn't keep Gimme focused and she seemed slow to me.  I felt like I was always ahead of her and pulling her along - which is definitely not our normal.  I knew there was something else 'off' during our first session, but didn't know what it was.

During the second session it was even worse and I realized what was different about the first session - it was the lack of connection.  Even when she isn't focused, I usually still feel connected to Gimme.  I can't explain the distinction, but I know it when I feel it.  During the second session, we struggled the whole time.  We'd get good bits but it wouldn't last.  

At one point Gimme came to me and needed a hug and reassurance.  I think she sensed how frustrated I was getting.  Blynn talked to me and said she thought Gimme was just working me and I shouldn't reward her with hugs.  I understand where she is coming from and we talked about it.  On the other hand, I know Gimme and I know when something is off.  

I thought it might have been because I gave her some rescue remedy before leaving home, to see if it would help with the car whining.  It did, but just a tiny bit.  I know a lot of people use RR for themselves and many people use it for dogs right before competing.  Still I also know the affect is highly variable, so I didn't discount the possibility it had a negative affect on Gimme.

On Friday I asked Tonya do animal communication with Gimme to find out what was wrong in class.  Among the many things they talked about, Gimme said about class "I wasn't myself" and "my hips hurt".  I didn't know what the first part meant, but was sure a bodywork treatment was in order. 

Tonya worked on Gimme today, doing both bodywork and energy work.  She did functional corrections from right behind her ears to her hips.  She also found a huge ball of dark/dirty energy around her belly and had to clear a chakra.  Right after the treatment, Gimme immediately went outside and peed a flood - I didn't know she had room for so much inside her.  Interesting, since her full bladder was the reason for the x-ray at the veterinary.  Gimme has been back to her usual self ever since her treatment.

Since its only been a few weeks since her last treatment, I've been trying to figure out why Gimme was so out of kilter when she really hasn't done anything out of the ordinary.  Then it occurred to me, perhaps this was all set in motion during the x-rays at the veterinary appointment.  It wasn't like there was a huge struggle, but she was very tense, resisting what we were trying to do and the x-ray table was very slick, so she was scrabbling for footing at times.  Plus the x-ray was of the area where Tonya found the dark/dirty energy and where the chakra she cleared was located.  

All interesting stuff.  I feel really fortunate to have Tonya so close to us. 

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