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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Parkour (3/5)

Sorry I'm so far behind - life has been BUSY for the last 2 weeks.  This parkour class was 1½ weeks ago. As it turned out, the dog she had a problem with during the prior class didn't show up, so we didn't have to worry about training through it.  She wasn't much concerned with the other dogs.

Sequence 1 video - This was a simple up and over, around a cone and then up and over on the way back.  Since this was our first bit of work, Gimme was pretty distracted.  I worked on getting attention, with a little success.

Sequence 2 video - For this sequence, Jo added two steps right next to the scaffold, so we were to get on using the steps, walk the plank down, around the cone, back up and over using the planks.  Gimme had other ideas.  It sometimes takes a bit to get her into her paying-attention brain.  She just loves do-do-doing and doesn't really think listening should be a factor in our work together.  Fortunately she is bold and bodacious, so losing her balance because she wasn't paying attention and trying to do something she didn't have enough leash for is just not of concern to her.  I'm pretty certain she thinks *I* should be paying more attention to her cues and not vice versa. 

Sequence 3 video - There was a woman and her dog just out of view on the left, so I asked Jo to step over there, just in case Gimme got distracted, since I'd have to drop her leash to do the sequence.  The first time, I did it from the far side, so the presence of the other dog was less of a factor while she was learning what I wanted. 

Sequence 4 video - You'll see Gimme insists on going up the ramp, even though she again doesn't have enough leash, she's really pulling. She got high enough so I didn't let the leash stop her until she got onto the scaffold, giving her no option but to come back down, but not risking getting her off balance. She does "box" and then wants to "bacon" trying to be the boss of me.  I cued the "sit" and paid for it to get her into listening.  You'll see I get out the peanut butter go toob and show it to her, to help her focus when we do the ending bit near the other dog, who instantly ceased to exist.   

Sequence 5 video - This is a very simple little sequence.  I was pleased to be able to do the whole thing just on verbal cues.  The other dogs in class are just out of beginner parkour, so we are the most advanced in the class.  They get to watch Gimme and see what is possible, at least once she starts focusing on cues.

Sequence 6 video - For this course, Jo puts together everything we'd already done.  And, now Gimme really starts to focus, its evident as we walk to the start.  I had her repeat the "out" around the cone because she didn't come right back to me, and I wanted her to do it right.  Otherwise she did a lovely job.

Sequence 7 video - This time Jo added some stuff on the end of the prior sequence.  Gimme does everything perfectly until we get to the green tub where she is supposed to do the "hands" (2 on); instead she gives me "table" (4 on).  This is a common issue for her. She really thinks if its big enough to get all four feet on it, then she should, and my opinion is really of no consequence.  The other issue is the "below" for the bench. We haven't done this behavior in several months, so I had to remind her what the cue means.  Its completely open on the sides and since crawling under there is hard, its only natural for her to think she can come out anywhere. 

"Pivot" & "Tivo" video - Gimme does "pivot' (counter-clockwise) completely on cue.  I waited far too long to put it on cue, so it's been a challenge to get the "tivo" (clockwise) behavior and we aren't even close to putting it on cue.  Jo thinks I should have Gimme do her "pivot" slower, for fitness reasons.  I'm not sure how this would work for "fitness", but perhaps she thinks of coordination as "fitness" and slower does require more thoughtfulness about foot placement.  Right now she is really good and coordinated going in one direction (CCW) and not as much going the other direction (CW).  In "pivot", the curl of her body is CCW.  I want to get the other direction and to improve the tightness of behaviors requiring her to curl CW, so I can ensure her body is in balance.  Because she's better in one direction than the other, just doing it is reinforcing. 

"Hands" "Out" & "Table" video - Here we worked on simple behaviors.  Getting Gimme to "table" (4 on) with this chair was not so simple.  She's been on that chair several times before without an issue, but tonight she was sure she couldn't.  And when she did get up and it moved, OMG!  I couldn't get her up there again.  I think this issue was twofold.  1) the false pregnancy makes her more emotional, and 2) it was the end of class and she was a little tired, so she was running out of boldness.  We'll do it again, somewhere down the road, but not until she gets out of her false pregnancy.

"Rebounds" video - Here's our work on the rebound board.  Can't wait until spring when I get our rebound board finished and can work on this regularly at home. 

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