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Friday, June 30, 2017

RFE practice (46)

The goal was to video for the RallyFrEe West 1 Regional event, which we entered at intermediate for the first time. We had a backup date for Monday, in case it didn't work out. Good thing too, since we needed it.

Session 1 video - The first thing Gimme did was head straight for the nuggies (chicken nuggets). She really loves those things and we've been using them lately to train the harder behaviors and like magic, not so hard anymore. We used this session to practice the individual behaviors, starting with "bacon" to her red/white/blue can. From there it was "pivot" on the brick, where I was trying to get three reps in a row. We went on to the dog front cross sign and there you see a bit of not-listening and offering instead. Although our side-pass was good initially, it fell apart just days before this practice. We went on to practice "izzy", which had been going better at home. Gimme was having difficulty getting started, then I hit on the idea of doing a right side reverse-pivot, to get her to start backing up from "side" position. It initially seemed to work, but then it didn't. I finally get a small part of the behavior and release her to "bowl", hoping to prime the pump. What finally worked was to use the wall in place of our guides, to get her started. Ya gotta laugh at her use of nearby broad jumps for "bacon" - she is consistent - but I wasn't going to reward it. So we walked over and picked up her bowl and ended the session with no reward. What I didn't realize at the time was how close we were getting to her false pregnancy, so she was already getting easily frustrated and not thinking clearly. Her false pregnancy started last night with nesting.

Session 2 video - J'Anna had technical difficulty and didn't get the first part of this session. We come in where I'm refreshing Gimme on her free choice behavior, then we moved on to sidestepping. I didn't realize until much later what was the source of this behavior falling apart. Gimme was learning two behaviors which both started in "side" position. Since we put a lot of effort into "izzy", she thought any time she was there and I stopped moving, I might want her to do "izzy". When it wasn't successful she was confused and frustrated. We practiced "pivot" and again had difficulty getting to three reps, even though she's done it before with no issue.

Session 3 video - This time we started with backup in "heel" position. I find it I can get her to stop and pause in position before we start these behaviors, then they go better. This time I brought in the guides to help Gimme get started with "izzy". As we got further down the course, I was totally baffled by Gimme going into a bark and offering fest when I was asking her to do her fave "bacon". We tinker with some other behaviors and then end for the day.

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