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Friday, November 25, 2016

Nosework (6/21)

These searches were set up with hides very close to each other (2 or 4 per table), so the dogs had a big puzzle to figure out.  My job as handler was to direct her searches, keeping Gimme on one table until she found all the hides, while making sure she didn't go back to a hide she'd already found (hard to do with them so close together).

Interior 1 video - This search had ten hides - 2 on the first table and 4 each for second and third tables.  It was especially challenging to keep Gimme from going back to prior hides in this search because she had no concern about stepping on the tables.  Gimme was checking stuff near the second table and then working the scent back to the hide.  I don't think she needed to do it this way, its just what she is used to doing.  On the third table, I came up with backing around the table, so that as I moved I was opening up the space for the next hide.  This worked well here.  Not sure how I'd use it in a blind search, but she figured out what I was doing and so was the most efficient of the dogs;

Interior 2 video - Gimme does a great job finding the two hides on the first table and my backing up technique works well.  On the second table it seemed to start well, but then she just dashes around me to the other hides.  Clearly she knows more than me about what the scent picture is saying, so I go with her and then restart my pattern and it works fine for her from then on.  For some reason the first hide she found on the second table was interfering with her ability to find the hide I originally presented.  For the third table the hides were set high and low.  Gimme was the only dog to get the four hides on the third table in order as she moved around the table, making her more efficient.  All the other dogs got the two low hides, then the two high hides.

Interior 3 video - This time there were 8 hides, two per table and then two on the red cart.  Its interesting on the first table how she gets the first hide from the back side of the table and then gets the second hide bouncing off the nearby wall.  She goes straight to the first cart hide from there.  For the second cart hide she kept wanting to go to the next table instead, but then she gets it.  She was very fast at getting the two hides on the next table, despite me getting in the way.  She was the fastest to get the second hide on the final table, doing it in just 11 seconds.  The next fastest class dog took 1:20 seconds to find the second hide on the final table and the others took longer still. 

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