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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nosework (5/21)

We had two sets of three back-to-back searches.  The first time through they were blind searches.

Interior 1 video - Gimme makes quick work of this room and when she was sure there was nothing there, switches to toy shopping.  Be sure you note the look of disgust she gives when I take the toy and set it back where it was.  It was pretty easy for me to call this a clear room (correct).  She paid a little attention to the crack under the door of the adjoining storage room, but left it on her own.  She paid more attention to the crack under the door going to the class room (where there was odor).

Interior 2 video - This room was more challenging because there is food stored in it.  She started off searching and then went toy shopping again.  I didn't actually call this room, as we ran out of time (just 1:00), but was asked what I thought.  I said if there was any hide, it would be on the shelving to the right, but Gimme didn't persist there, so I was inclined to go with clear.  This would have been correct.  Interesting, if a room has a toy-shopping option, it seems to be a good barometer for whether there's any odor there.

Interior 3 video - Gimme finds the first (and only) hide very quickly.  After it she is quite willing to keep searching.  I can see the difference in her intensity between this room and the two prior rooms.  But, I still can't see the drop in intensity after she's found the hides in a room she's in.  Dorothy says she can see it, but I still haven't picked up the difference, so if you see something in this video that can help me, please do share.   Gimme will thank you...

The second time around there is one hide in each of the small rooms and still one hide in the bigger area.  The idea was for us to get to see the difference in how the dogs acted entering a room with odor in it.

Interior 4 video - As you can see, the difference for Gimme was total.  She nails the hide and indicates in 3 seconds!  She had no doubt and went directly to it.

Interior 5 video - She was not quite as fast for this room, but then there was a bin of toys right at nose level.  Still, including the check on the toy bin, she had this hide indicated in just 6 seconds.  Silly Gimme girl.

Interior 6 video - Gimme was very fast on this hide as well - faster than the first time and I don't think the hide was really any easier.  I think finding two hides so quickly in the prior rooms just had her intensely focused for this search.

This next search was an interesting combination.  The dogs first had the front part of the room with a hide, then the larger back part with no hide.  When we thought they were done in the second area, we could take them back to the first area to search again.

Interiors 7 video - What was interesting about the search of the first area was how Gimme got the hide and her reward and then went straight to the gate into the other area.  Clearly she knew there was no more to be found there.  The dogs all seemed excited to go in and search the bigger area.  You will notice Gimme skids a few times, changing direction.  Had I not known there was no hide there, this might have been a challenge for me to interpret, since change-of-behavior is a big clue to the handler that the dog was near odor.  In this case, I think Gimme was just scanning the area and then thinking, "hmmmm chairs - better check them."  The only thing which would have saved me was how quickly she left them.  Dorothy thought Gimme was responding to me "talking to yourself".  I think she knew I was asking her something and her going repeatedly to the divider was her answer.  I always find it interesting when dogs re-search an area they've returned to, instead of going directly to a hide they've already found.

Overall this was a really fun class.  Gimme certainly enjoyed it.

Today (Saturday) we are going for a walk and then I'll be packing up the van for the weekend.  This is the weekend of the tracking test.  Say prayers.  While Gimme is great, I could use divine intervention.

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