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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nosework (5/24)

What a fun class. We started with two exterior searches, then came inside for more maze searches.

Exterior 1 video - This search had two hides, one high and one low, but we didn't know the height. Our goal as handlers was to verbalize what we thought our dog's behavior was telling us about hide height. We were given 2½ minutes for the search and Gimme only used 1:45. You'd think as much as I talk I could talk and handle at the same time - it's surprisingly hard. Fortunately Gimme doesn't need any more from me than to stay out of her way, eh...

Exterior 2 - There was only one hide, at waist height and Gimme found it in 22 seconds. (no video)

Then we did two maze searches. They had set up one really large maze for the dogs. It's just fascinating to watch. And interestingly even the dogs who normally want their handlers close were able to work this out all by themselves.

I found it particularly interesting how, after working out how to get to all three hides, Gimme then retraced her steps directly to get to me. All the dogs were pretty good at finding their way out. I think this means dogs have an innate mental "map" of where they are and have been. There are those in the scientific realm who believe dogs (animals) don't have spatial reasoning. I think they are seriously wrong. After seeing this consistent showing between our four class dogs, I'm sure they have spatial reasoning within the two dimensions of their experience.

Unfortunately Dorothy stopped the video before you could see Gimme's direct route out of the maze (both times). If we ever do this again, I'll ask her to film Gimme's exit too.

Interior 1 video - I was surprised to see Gimme solved this maze in 1:21, since it seemed much longer to me. Gimme found the entry in 20 seconds; got the first hide 5 seconds later with 46 seconds between it and the last hide.

Interior 2 video - Between runs, they changed the maze. We also entered/started from the other door to give them a completely different picture. Gimme took longer to find the entry, 41 seconds; got the first hide 15 seconds later, but only 38 seconds between it and the last hide.

Gimme thought this was six kinds of fun. Knowing how she can be, we were all amazed that she didn't deconstruct the maze to get to the hides. She certainly could have and has shoved stuff out of her way to get to hides in the past.

I thought she enjoyed the maze searches last week and now, again this week. I know I did. I think this could be a whole new nosework class. I'd enter just to watch her work it out. I wish I had enough stuff to make mazes of my own.

I have to add, I find corn mazes very creepy and you'd have to pay me a LOT to get me to go in one again. Just sayin...

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