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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Parkour (4/6)

It was a good class, though a bit different than our usual.

270°-"jump"-"thru" video - The goal was to have the dog "jump", turn 270° and then come "thru" the carwash.  Gimme didn't know what I wanted the first time, but when I lured her to get the "thru", then she totally had it.  The second time she was flawless.  She did so well Jo suggested we do "thru" the dividers-pool-noodles setup.  You can't really see it on video, but Gimme always likes it.

For much of class, Jo set out props near the 270°-"jump"-"thru" setup and we were to create our own sequence using all of them at least once.  Each round she added a few more props.  Here are the videos from our work.

Handler sequence 1 video - Easy stuff.

Handler sequence 2 video - I tried to get her to "bacon" on the stool, I knew she couldn't get up in the seat but she has put her back feet on the rungs before.  With Gimme's penchant for interacting with the props before I tell her to, we had a good laugh saying perhaps our goal should be to use each prop "only once", instead of "at least once" like our classmates.

Handler sequence 3 video - You have to be impressed with Gimme's efforts to "bacon" into a high-sided box.  She clearly has her own idea of what this might entail - so clever.

Handler sequence 4 video - This time we were supposed to try and find ways to use the props in unusual ways.  Since we've done "hands" to a cone before, I started with it.  I was quite proud of her jumping up into the stool since it's the first time she's been willing to do so.

Back around video - We were given time to work on some unusual use of a prop.  Something I've been wanting to teach Gimme to back away from me, around a prop and continue backing up until she is in heel position again.  I saw a youtube video showing how one person taught this using a platform and I've wanted to do it ever since.  I didn't have our platform, so I grabbed a flat fit-disk to use in place of one.  I started with simply paying Gimme for packing onto the disk.  Then I set up a ring divider for her to back along to the disk.  Then I progressively moved the disk around the end of the divider, so she had to back along the divider and then turn to back on the disk.  As it got harder, she tended to back up to near it and then touch it with her front feet before swinging her back feet onto it.  I rewarded this anyway, since I knew she was still learning what I wanted.  You'll see the third time she turns partway to look at where it is, then swings her butt to back onto it.  Because I was worried about the instability of the divider and to start fading the divider, I moved a cone into position at the end of the divider.  Then I removed the divider and replaced it with a couple of cones.  At this point she starts trying some "bacon" options with the cones, but finally gets around to the disk.  After this I moved the disk again and approached it a little more like regular back-chaining.   I will play with this some more at home and maybe will bring out the guides and see if that makes it clearer for her.  Of course, what I was doing here was really pushing the limits and not doing the kind of fine increments I normally do. 

Chair tunnel video - We were instructed to play with props and Jo suggested we use the first chair as a tunnel, because it's challenging to go through for a larger dog.  Gimme got it right away, so I added chairs in front and then after it to create a tunnel of chairs.  She really thought this was easy peasy.

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