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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Agility Girl

Gimme was so happy to get back to agility class last night (we wuz taking a break while she was in that condition).

She was so focused and taking direction very well.  All the mistakes except one were mine and even that went away with a little clearer handling.  Gimme was doing so well that Blynn was able to really focus on my handling and she was brutal... On top of that while we were waiting and watching, for the first time Gimme offered me her "whazzat" behavior when the dog before us suddenly popped into view 6 feet away.  I was so proud. Blynn commented that it was like Gimme suddenly did a bunch of growing up and was so much more mature this week.  I don't know about that, but she was sure on her best behavior.

After class we went to my parents' to say "Hi" and just hang out for awhile.  Gimme got to come in and show off all her tricks.  She's getting really good at the crawling backwards and I need to get that on tape, cuz its waaaaay beyond cute.

In a couple of weeks we'll be starting our ten week round of summer classes with Ursula.  She has a new program that looks like it'll be perfect for us.  We're sure gonna stretch someone's brain...  I'm looking forward to it.

BTW someone took pictures of Gimme at the trial as we were walking up to and doing the practice boxes.  Unfortunately I'm having problems getting them to upload, so will have to try later.

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