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Monday, September 29, 2014

Element Trial results

The information for the element trial is posted.

As you know, Gimme did not title in the container element, though she did get a leg toward a title.  Her overall time for the 5 searches, including one search where we timed out, was 2:11.  She was ranked 13th overall, in a system of score then time.  She was the fastest dog of the 8 dogs who got 80%.   This made her faster than 6 of the dogs which titled.

Container search #1:  We had a bunch of boxes in a railroad boxcar.  It was a rather narrow and poorly lighted area with weird little alcoves.  Her time was 17.1 seconds and she was first in her class.  They don't award placements, so no ribbon or any recognition other than the listing in the results.

Container search #2:  This search was outdoors on grass in the courtyard between the 6 boxcars.  Right in front of us was a table with boxes on top, surrounded by chairs with boxes in the seats, surrounded by more boxes in the grass.  To the left and were two sets of stairs leading into 2 of the boxcars and on the landing for each was 1 or 2 boxes.  Gimme's time was 21.45 seconds, it sure didn't seem so long.  The fastest dog was 7.32 seconds, which is amazing.

Container search #3:  Our third search was boxes in chairs and on "stuff" in an exterior courtyard.  Gimme was pretty quick on this search, finding odor in a box on a chair.  Her time was 16.64 seconds.  The fastest dog was about 11 seconds. 

Container search #4:  This was the search which tripped us up.  The search area was split between two "rooms" through a wide archway.  There were a lot of chairs, but not a whole lot of boxes overall and we only had 1 minute.  Here we got the full 1:00 time.

Container search #5:  This was outside on a long patio with picnic tables.  Boxes were on the ground, the seats and the tables.  Gimme went almost straight to odor - really fast, in just 16.5 seconds.  The fastest dog was just under 10 seconds.

For the exteriors where we titled, Gimme's combined time was1:45.44, putting her in sixth place overall.  The fastest overall time was 57.4 seconds - handler must be a track star, eh. 

Exterior search #1:  Our first search was in a campfire area deep in the trees behind the boxcars - no apparent air movement.  Even with the delay catching odor, Gimme still did this quickly in just 24.59 seconds.

Exterior search #2:  This was another campfire area, surround on all sides with trees and brush.  Again, very little breeze.  Gimme did this in 37.56 seconds, our slowest successful search of the day, but still fast given the size of the area. 

Exterior search #3:  This was a sidewalk between the building and a brick wall.  I knew this was speedy, Gimme did it in 5.59 seconds, the third fastest time.  The two dogs faster were 4.4 and 4.81 seconds.  That little time could easily be human factor on the timer or just as likely my  momentary hesitation in calling the alert.  Gimme was awesome - don't blink or you miss the search. 

Exterior search #4:  The area was partly out in the open on cement, but most was in a covered area, with brick walls on three sides.  This seemed a much longer search to me.  Gimme did it in 6.69 seconds to be the fourth fastest.  The fastest dog had less than a second less time than Gimme.

Exterior search #5:  Our last search was on the same long patio with picnic tables we'd had for the 5th container search.  Gimme did this in 31.01 seconds.  It didn't seem to take this long to me.

The numbering of their searches is different than the order we ran them in, so its possible I don't have the times matched to the right searches.  No matter - I'm still very proud of the fastest brown nose I know attached to the sweetest and smartest spotty-dottie ever

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