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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Parkour (make-up & 1/3)

I have two parkour classes to talk about.  We had the last of our Sunday evening classes this weekend and then switched to a 6:00 class on Wednesday night.  I should be able to make almost all classes on Wednesdays and when I can't, I can select a Sunday to do a make-up.  There won't be any advanced classes on Sunday, but we can still come and train on stuff she knows with strange dogs.  Its all good. 

I don't know yet what the drive time is going to look like for Wednesdays.  This week I left here at 4:00 and arrived at 5:10.  I'd like to leave later and arrive closer to class start.  But the problem is getting through all the rush hour traffic between here and there.  I'll try 4:15 and see what happens.  But based on what happens coming and going from my Mom's house (which goes through the same area), 15 minutes can make a big difference.  The no-traffic drive time to Mom's takes 55 minutes.  The some traffic drive is 1:10, which is what I usually get coming home provided I leave at 3:00.  Today I was 15 minutes late getting out of there and so it took 2:30 to get home.  Ouch!


We did a lot of sequence work, which I can't really video since I don't have a wide angle.  This First video clip is a short sequence practicing a send to the table.  Sadly I set the camera down wrong and didn't get the table in the clip.  Still you can see she did it readily.  We continue to have difficulty reinstalling "cane" and "orbit" (going around the cone) since we lost them to the late March seizure.  I had already done some individual warm-up of them before this exercise, so was surprised she didn't know at all what I wanted. 

The second time we had both "table" and "box" options at the end of the board, so we could practice sending to either.  Second video clip  Gimme did well sending to the table, but wasn't so sure about the box which is normally her favorite.  It was very close to and in a direct line to where I'd set up her matt, so she may have been confused. 


Again we were doing a lot of sequencing using the whole room, which I can't really video.  This First video clip presented a bit of a challenge, which I didn't understand at the time, since she's done it before.  But in watching it, the first time through she was looking down at all the stuff underfoot and then suddenly BAM! into the strap thingy, meanwhile from camera view you can see I'd probably disappeared from view.  And coming back, I think I again disappeared on her.  I think the solution is to talk to her throughout, so she will know where I am.

This Second video clip shows Gimme walking the ladder.  The first time she was distracted by Jo walking by - who she really likes.  Gimme does very well with the ladder and you can see she is very thoughtful about her foot placement.

When we were doing the sequences, Gimme and I stationed ourselves at the other end of the room and we were right next to a big toy bucket.  Gimme snooped in it, but was only a little bit interested and didn't want to play with any of them.  Later another handler used a toy from the bucket to motivate his dog on the TicTac board.  Suddenly Gimme was VERY interested in those toys.  For our next turn on the TicTac board, Gimme just had to have a toy and not just any toy, but the same toy.  Suddenly she was a toy maniac and did a couple of nice repetitions, but then got too over the top.  Jo was impressed that she could switch back to food and still work.

Gimme was just sure she was going to get to take the toy home - made more-better because she had effectively stolen it from the other dog.  When I made her leave it in the bucket, she was quite peeved.  She turned her nose up at SkinnySquirrel which was in the car.  She sulked for much of the ride home. 

All last night she wouldn't play with any of her toys and any attempt on my part to interest her in one of her toys was met with utter disdain.  Apparently I violated a significant cosmic edict and who better to point out my gross failing than the Empress of the Cosmos.  Just sayin...

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