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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Urban Tracking (17)

We met last Thursday at the Auburn Cinema for some urban tracking.  The conditions were dry (no rain for a few days), cool (low 60's) and a slight breeze.  We set up a series of mini-tracks with turns away from the curb.  The tracks were about 15 minutes old.  Gimme had five of them and the layout looked like this:

We'd start with the one on the right, run the track and then arc over to the sock starting the next track.  Though not shown in this diagram, we did vary where the turn was relative to the curb, though all were in the second half.

Gimme really struggled with these.  She spent a lot of time turning into the curb and checking in the dirt and vegetation - as if expecting the track to go in the other direction.  Granted this area is often frequented by overnite RVers and their dogs, but only once did she seem to be crittering.  Once I helped her a little bit, then she put her nose down and was able to go directly to the glove. 

It seemed to me she was drawn in the direction where the slight breeze was coming from.  So after we finished our five mini-tracks, I had Nadine go ahead of us and lay another one turning toward the breeze.  Gimme nailed this one.  Of course it was only a few minutes old.

I hope to get everything packed up Thursday night, so we can leave right from our field tracking on Friday morning to head up to Bellingham and Bow.  We are entered in a TDU & VST clinic with Sil Sanders.  We will each get one track and will lay a track for someone else.

I told him I wanted: a Partial length, partial complexity TDU.  Saying: length and number of turns is not an issue; no Hard surface moment-of-truth (MOT) turn (okay with turns on hard surface at a curb, but is challenged by turns away from the curb, unless they are into the wind); 30 min or less Age in minutes or hours; an article in the middle of each leg; marked corners with chalk on hard surface; marked corners with clippies on vegetation; coaching desired; does well on pavement OR vegetation, it’s the transition she’s having trouble with.

We're waiting like the cat that ate cheese and sat breathing down the mouse hole -- with baited breath.

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