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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nosework (4/19)

Enjoyed class - the searches were easy.  Doing the handler part was hard.  Our job was to pick a body part and describe what we saw as the dog searched.  The long line was supposed to help so we could focus on the body part and not line handling.  Plus it gives a better chance that we could be in a position to see the body part even if it wasn't the dog's tail.  As we watched other teams, we were supposed to continue to watch our body part.  I picked Gimme's mouth, since its the one part I don't much notice.

Exterior 1 video - 1 Hide - All the other dogs went right from the startline.  Gimme was the only one to go up the left side and she did this search so quickly there wasn't much to see.  She closes her mouth when she is trying to get more scent information, like the interesting cone or near the hide in the grate, as opposed to when she was just moving around.  I was surprised to see on video just how long it was between the behavior and me saying it.  I knew there was a lag, I just didn't realize how long it was.  As good as I am at talking, you'd think this would be really easy for me.

Exterior 2 video - 1 Hide - For this search a couple of the dogs went right up the middle to the grate (where the hide was on the last search).  Gimme started up the right side almost on a direct line toward where the hide was now, but then veered to the left to the grate, at the gravel pile.  The wind was coming from the left, so she may have gotten a drift of lingering odor blown to her.  I think I did a little better at verbalizing what I was seeing.  But... and this is the big one, I don't see any difference between when she closes her mouth to check something and when she closes her mouth to source odor.  Looks the same to me.

Vehicle 1 video - 3 Hides - Gimme was eager to go and I forgot to remind Dorothy to start the camera, so you only get part of this search.  When the video starts, Gimme had already found one hide on a back wheel (big van).  She was the only dog in class to go straight down the side of the van, with one 2 second check on the caterpillar, and then nail this hide so quickly.  From there she chased odor back toward the building, which was the way the breeze was blowing.  You do get to see that she turned back to the search area on her own.  She checks another bit that I knew wasn't chasing odor (no breeze could get there) but comes back with a hint of encouragement from me.  Then comes up the side of the caterpillar and switches back over to the van.  The comment I made as she was getting rewarded at the license plate was about her closing her mouth as she got to the front tire and all the way around until she sourced odor.  I couldn't really see what she was doing with her mouth at the other hide, since the spacing prevented me from getting to her side.  I liked that she passed it and then whipped right back to it.

Vehicle 2 video - 1 Hide - For the last search they put a hide under the center of the basket for the people-lifter-crane-thing.  This was such an unusual search and we all got wrapped up watching how the different dogs approached it and none of us verbalized what we were seeing.  In fact it was so interesting, the instructors got wrapped up in it too and forgot to remind us to verbalize.  In my memory it took much longer than this.  Gimme was the fastest.  I like getting to see the video so I can see and appreciate how quickly and efficiently she eliminated the other vehicles on her way.  The other dogs spent more time on the big van, none of them paid any attention to the small van and some paid more attention to the caterpillar.

The people-lifter-crane-thing is such a different obstacle and so I just had to look it up and see if it would qualify for one of our Intermediate 4-Feet-On behaviors.  Good news, it does...
Dog approaches obstacle and gets all four feet on in a safe manner and holds on the obstacle for 2 seconds.  One obstacle must move when dog gets on and s/he must adjust to movement without getting off.
So, I plan to drive over there this weekend and if its still there will talk to the owner and see if we can train on it for a few minutes (then take a video).  It would be fun because its unique.

BTW I have entered an Element Specialty Trial for Vehicles (end of September), the only Level 2 title we don't have.  Gimme has three out of four Level 2 element titles and there is another Dalmatian with just the L2C.  So, we have a strong shot at being the first Dalmatian to get all four Level 2 element titles, just like we did for Level 1.  Of course, it isn't as if I am bragging, "Nothin' but the facts Ma'am."

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