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Monday, September 26, 2016

Parkour (6/4)

Gimme and I continue to enjoy the parkour class.

Send away obstacle video - This obstacle is a large "c" shape of dividers and inside are little obstacles to step on and over.  Its a send away, because the handler can't go in it, though I suppose I could have run around the outside of it.  Gimme figured it out really quickly. 

Board walk video - A quick down and back, with the pool noodles to step over and then the sway bridge.  She's never really been concerned about either.

Hoop/barrel sequence 1 video - Gimme took a little short cut when I fell behind her.  I'm sure she doesn't "see" the channel made by the hoops in the same way we humans do.  She very quickly figured out what I wanted there.  As always.

Hoop/barrel sequence 2 video - The second time around we had a different objective and like most dogs, Gimme made an assumption about what we were doing.  Jo thinks this is often because I'm not fast enough giving her information; I think she's right.  Its not Gimme's natural inclination to take direction, certainly not to wait for it, so I really do need to be more timely - which isn't easy with such a speedy girl. The second time through we did better, but I was still late, so you'll see Gimme has to jump the cone instead of the jump bar.  The third time she did very well and was completely unconcerned when the jump got knocked over by the dragging leash.

Sequence 3 video - This time we put all three parts together.  Jo pointed out how Gimme spun as she got on the board walk, because she was trying to do the right thing and wait for information.  Again its a timing thing.  So Jo had me repeat the first two parts of the sequence with focus on my timing. 

Sequence 4 video - The time before as we were walking back to our setup, Gimme noticed a big fat bird outside the gate on the big door.  She remained alert to the bird possibility for the rest of class.  In hindsight, I probably should have taken a moment to address it with "whazzat" - bad me.  Once she returned her focus to me, she did well. 

BTW the spot where she keeps making a loop out of the turn after the jump (after the hoops) is where the young black dog sits near there.  She finds him very distracting mostly because he always wants to get to her, to play.  She pays almost no attention to the female border collie who pays no attention to her.

Sequence 5 video - Close to the beginning I had Gimme do the part between the send obstacle and the board walk over, because I knew I wasn't positioned right.  It was better, but only a little bit.  Its kind of hard because I have an idea in my head of how I'll handle something, but I don't get to walk it without Gimme so I don't really have a feel for how to actually do it with her.  Its also a challenge because there are times I need to move quite a bit faster, but at the same time, I don't want to speed her up.

Sequence 6 video - This was virtually the same except the direction on the send.  I was trying to use the time while she was in the send to position myself better and she still got ahead of me.  To her credit, when I said "wait" (our stay cue) she interpreted it correctly and stopped.  Good girl Gimme.   You might notice our chuckle (me and Jo) on this and the last sequence when Gimme got in the box - you can't see it, but she was being dramatically funny about how she was getting in and plopping all four feet inside.

Learning "perch" video - We again built value and then started the pivot.  Note she has better focus with the door shut.  I started trying to have her offer the pivot.  Jo thinks I should focus on the physical strength/control aspect - though she said I could teach it both ways, as physical conditioning and as a trick.  I intend to get an oil pan (and similar props), so I can work on this at home.

Learning "perch" 2 video - In watching this clip it occurs to me I need to start doing the other direction as well.  All these practices have been counter-clockwise, we need to practice clockwise.

Creative sequence video - The final exercise was to plan our own creative sequence with flow, using the props on the floor.  We could move them in minor ways.  I liked the sequence I came up with, which ended with one of her great behaviors - a forehand pivot on a low prop.  Unfortunately I didn't get the camera aimed just right, so you really only get to see her fanny swing by - really fast.

As she always does, Miss Gimme snoozed almost all the way home.  She loves our Parkour classes, but they do tire her out.

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