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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Nosework (1/28)

This was the first class of a new session and we only had the one instructor.

Container 1 video - A blind search with two hides. We haven't done boxes in awhile and Gimme enjoyed them. As usual she gets more excited the more she's around boxes. I was glad the search ended quickly, with no pther container searches.

Exterior 1 video - Another blind search, but with three hides. On the second hide, it was right up under the pole and Gimme gets up to show me exactly where it is. She passed the nearest hide from the startline and so we had to get it last. Really a nice fast search.

Exterior 2 video - Gimme does a nice job finding these 3 hides, while completely ignoring my attempts to cough up a lung. Oddly she hates it when I cough at home, no matter what we are doing. I guess nosework is a bigger priority.

Exterior 3 video - By this time it was getting quite dark and this particular spot was farther from the overhead lights. Gimme finds the first channel hide quickly, but then is stuck for a bit when she discovers pooling odor nearby. I was too inclined to stand around and support her on nothing with my presence. If I had moved on, she may have as well. Both instructors have been making the point lately about how quick our dogs (the advanced group) are to source odor - the message being to move on if they aren't getting to source quickly. Our dogs are all odor obedient and won't leave it if it's the real deal, plus we can always come back if we have time left over. Gimme has a difficult time sorting out the next channel hide. I think part of the problem may have been my location relative to the hide; too often between her and the hide. She really did indicate the false alert, but in this case she was wrong. We haven't done channel hides in a very long time - clearly need to do it again.

Gimme did a nice job this day, even though she erred on the last search. She's entitled to make a mistake now and then, God knows I make more than my fair share, eh...

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