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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nosework (2-3/30)

As is usual with winter, we do a lot of containers and last Tuesday, Feb 6th, was no different. 

Container 1 search video - We had a very big oval with lots of containers and were instructed to make sure the dog checked every one. The instructors would move the box with the hide each time after she found it (running bunny). Originally we were supposed to keep going in the same direction, but Dorothy had us reverse direction. Gimme found it four times, then it didn't move and when she found it again in the same place, she didn't indicate. Dorothy instructed me "don't take her back to it." 

Container 2 Timmy-in-the-Well search video - This time we were to remain seated while the dog searched, going to them to reward in place, then lead the dog back to the chair while the instructor moved the hide. As we moved toward them, if the dog started to move away from the box, we were to pause until they return to the hide, or even return to the chair if they totally left it. Gimme found the first hide within seconds. For round two, she took advantage of being free of me to search wherever and however she liked. For round three she stayed with the boxes for the search and really stuck to the hide.  Round four was great too. 

Container 3 Timmy-in-the-Well search video - As you watch this video, be sure to listen to the discussion - Dorothy makes several good observations. She repeatedly sniffed and walked away from the hide where it was placed first. In fact, this was the first time she totally left a hide where I had to return to my seat without rewarding her. She spent almost a minute in the bathroom and I can't believe she didn't just KNOW there was no hide in there. Gimme had so much fun on the last search of Timmy-in-the-well, but seemed less confidant this time. After the third time she walked the hide, Dorothy suggested we move it to another spot. When I sent her out to search again, you'll see her search area gets smaller, suggesting she wasn't confident about what to do. Then after just a bit it again includes the far end of the room and she finds the hide and gets rewarded. Then it is moved again and she finds it faster this time.

After watching this video once again, I think Gimme thought that hide wouldn't pay. I think she was coming to get me, but then I stopped and it broke her concentration when I returned to my seat without rewarding her - leading her to believe it wasn't a "real" hide. Sometimes I think Dalmatians can really over-think things. Plus, even though she seems to be very much over her false pregnancy... two days later she'll do very poorly at Pawsabilities because of some dog noise from the daycare. She mostly ignores the daycare noise, but was clearly stressed then, so it may be some residual from the false pregnancy was throwing her off for this search.

Tonight's class, Feb 13th, we had more container searches. Our instructions were to reward in the container for a full 10 seconds and to not let them check out the group of containers in the middle of the square, except as instructed. Gimme thinks a full 10 seconds of being rewarded is a great system. We again did running bunny style searches, where the hides are moved during the search. 

Container 1 search video - Gimme finds the first hide right away and is solid on the second hide. She misses the third hide, because she wanted to go to the group in the middle, so I bring her back near it and then she gets it. After the third hide we did the middle, which had nothing and were to stay there until the dog indicated it was blank. Gimme did and we left. Gimme briefly missed the fourth hide. The co-instructor said it was because she lifted her head up, but if you watch the video you can see the chairs and other stuff channeled her path causing her to swing wide and when she turned back she was already past it. Fortunately odor drifting against a nearby container brought her back to it. 

Container 2 search video - This time the hide was in a paint can and Gimme didn't really check it the first time around, so she missed it. She slowed down and caught it the second time around. Note after she left it how she puts her head deeeep into the next paint can. She again misses the hide the first time and then has to go back to it. Keep in mind the paint cans are a bit harder because they are deeper and have a smaller top opening than open plastic shoeboxes and boxes, so there is less scent available. The third time she sticks her nose right into it and indicates nicely. Then we go to the middle group, which has two distractors in it. When Gimme is ready, we go back out almost directly to the hide. Nice search... 

Container 3 search video - This time we start around the outside and find a hide three-fourths of the way around. From there we finish the circle, then into the middle where there are distractors and one hide. Then we return to the outer circle where there are no hides, while the hide in the center is exchanged for two hides. When we get to the middle the scent is pooling against a cardboard box, so it takes her a moment to find the hides.

Gimme is always so tired after class.

Now we have two skip weeks from nosework class, so I expect Gimme will be telling anyone who will listen about how I never let her do anything! 

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