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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UKC Nosework Trial

A week ago Sunday we went to our first UKC nosework trial. I was confident we would do well, since we got HIT for everything at the UKC nosework match we attended. My RFE practice buddy, J'Anna, was there and her dog was in a different level, so we were able to videotape each other. Ribbons were self-serve, so I didn't wait around after our last class.

Container search video - Gimme did a lovely job in this search. She was fast and not abusive of the boxes. Gimme got 2nd place with a time of 21.4 seconds.

Exterior search video - The UKC novice classes are really easy - note the tiny search area. Of course small spaces present different problems, but not for Gimme. She came away with 1st place and High In Trial with a time of 15.8 seconds.

UKC trial, Interior search - This search was done inside a bathroom in an area of just 100 square feet, so there was no room for J'Anna to video. Gimme did a nice job, getting 2nd place with 12.6 seconds.

Vehicle search video - In novice vehicles the hide will only be on a front bumper, so you only need to check the area in front of the tires. The breeze was blowing right at the start line, so Gimme knew exactly where to go. She didn't bother with the first two vehicles, barely turning her nose toward them as she dragged me to the last vehicle. She won another 1st place and High In Trial with a super fast time of 6.9 seconds.

Since I didn't stick around, I don't know if there is an award for overall ranking.  I won't know until they get the trial results up online; they are only up to mid February.  Gimme did all four searches with a total time of 56.7 seconds!

Gimme did a great job with this trial. I think she really enjoyed the simple hides. She is basically halfway to five new titles - which we could finish at our next trial on the first weekend in April. Here is Gimme with her ribbon haul.


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