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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Nosework (4/31)

This class was focused on thresholds. We got four back-to-back searches. My hat and sunglasses were an attempt to mitigate my migraine. The pollen is really bad this year and its doing a number on me.

Interior 1 video - The first search had 1 hide and Gimme found it in 6 seconds. 

Interior 2 video - This search had 2 hides. The sheet-covered ex-pens do weird things with scent. It takes Gimme 28 seconds to find the hide on the green chair right inside the door. It was quite warm outside, so we think the garage door was pulling scent up, hence all the time she spent on the carts next to it (which all the dogs did). It takes Gimme 2 more minutes to find the second hide, on the door jam by the floor.

Interior 3 video - This search also had 2 hides. It takes Gimme just 16 seconds to find this threshold hide. It's classic Gimme, popping her head out to tell me, about the hide in the bathroom. Apparently I was far too slow moving to suit her. 

Interior 4 video - Just one hide. I can't explain why it took Gimme 53 seconds to find this hide. I think she was just too busy making wide sweeping turns, scanning the room. When she gets back to the threshold area and slows down a little, suddenly she has it.

Exterior 1 video - Three hides. Gimme scents the hide on the bus-shed from the startline and is there in under 4 seconds. Sadly I'm quite a bit slower to call it. Gimme gets to the second hide pretty fast. The third hide, in the front wheel of the near truck, takes her quite awhile. Once you see where it is, it's pretty clearly converging odor with the bus-shed hide. Normally she does really well with converging odor, but for some reason this one was extra challenging.

I love her persistence...

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