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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Being Random

One bugaboo I have in training is an inability to be random and since she's a genius, Gimme picks up patterns very quickly.  That means she starts guessing what I'm going to say based on the pattern she intuits, which interferes with her development of listening skills and true stimulus control.

So I went online and located a Random Number Generator.  I'm going to try using it when I want to train a set of skills that are similar and require Gimme to focus and differentiate between one cue and another. 

On this RNG, you can specify the number of integers you want, such as between 1 and 3 and how much output you want - quantity 25.  Push a button and within moments you will get a string that is random. 

Now for my purposes I would want a roughly equal representation.  So I cut and paste the string of numbers into Word and replace each number with a cue, such as 1=high, 2=five, and 3=pretty.  Then as I use the replace, it will tell you how many replacements were made and from that you can gauge if its distributed in a roughly equal way. 

I did it twice.  The first time wasn't even close, but the second time was 9-9-7... which was just fine. 

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